does anybody have any knowledge regarding guitar amplifiers

i appologise if this is in the wrong section but here goes.

im thinking of buying a marshall guitar head, which is going cheap locally, but i have no cab to play it through and ideally i dont want to splash out on one just yet, im on a budget! :smiley:
i do however have a marshall mg100 combo amp, and noticed that at the back of this, there is a plug which connects the amp to the speaker. the question is, would i be able to plug my head into this speaker. i appologise if this is really dumb but im not sure, and i really NEED this head. hehe.
will the speaker be able to handle this head, it is a 50 watter all valve marshall.
thanks, i would appreciate any help regarding this issue.


If the head it one of the standars 100 watt types, then you’ll blow the speaker in your combo. IIRC, most cabs house four 50 watt speakers, so I would wait.

The OP said it was a 50W head, and the combo he has is 100W, so power wouldn’t be much of an issue. I would make sure the impedences are correct, i.e. the combo may have an 8ohm output into an 8ohm speaker, where as the head might only have a 16ohm output. A lot of amps (especially heads) usually have an impedence selector to let you match it with the speaker load. It is generally not advisable to mis-match impedences.