Does anybody recognize this old low-budget romantic comedy?

I can’t remember it’s name other than the fact it has little to do with the movie (something like “I Married Margie” or “Oh That Peggy!” or other sitcommy title), nor do I remember the cast.

Plot: A college professor (Van Johnson type) and his wife are expecting their first child and money is so tight that she has to quit smoking in order to buy meat (specifically lamb chops). The professor’s estranged father, however, is a very rich cattle rancher who plans to drop in on them just as the professor is up for promotion.

Sound at all familiar?

I’m guessing Confidentially Connie, with not just a Van Johnson type, but an actual Van Johnson! Also Janet Leigh, Walter Slezak, and Gene Lockhart. Synopsis from IMDB:

Found this clip on TCM.

So, nu? How’d I do? :slight_smile:

Edited to add: I like how the pregnant Miss Leigh gives up smoking not for her baby, but so she can eat some meat. Ah, the fifties!

Oh, you ARE good! I tried looking this up for an hour yesterday and found one or two possibilities, but totally missed this one!

That’s it! Thanks choie- I’m sending you some cigarettes and steaks.:wink:

This, once again, is why I love this place!!!

Got to give up cigarettes to be able to buy meat?

Boy, Sampiro, you weren’t kidding when you said it was low-budget. :smiley:

Her friend, who is also pregnant, takes up snuff to buy meat.

I love the review on imdbthat calls it the most meat obsessed movie of all time. It is. The meat is life, the meat is good, the meat is life, the meat must flow…

To switch references- “The meat is the life. The Master calls… hehnn hehnn hehnn!”