Does Anybody Smoke Pipes Anymore?

I haven’t seen anyone smoking a pipe in years. They still sell pipe tobacco, and I see ads for pipes…but outside of an old guy I saw last October, heve never seen one.
Has this practice died out?

My dad, but he’s 83. We were in D.C. a few years ago and he lit up on the street. A guy in a suit walking by stopped in his tracks at the sight.

I know a guy in his 50’s who smokes a pipe, or at least used to as well, but that’s all I can think of off the top of my head.

I know somebody that does. So there you are somebody smokes a pipe. This person is middle aged.

I know a young guy (about 19-20) who does. He has always liked being odd in harmless ways though so I’m pretty sure that is why he does it.

I’ve had a few friends who smoked pipes, and I might take up the practice myself. As it is, I smoke rarely enough that I tend to just use cigars.

I think pipes basically make their profit from being relatively expensive, and probably from being just the sort of thing that people who are into them would be into them a lot.

Ever meet a guy who only owned one really nice old camera? Same kind of thing with pipes I’d be willing to bet.

A good friend of mine smokes a (tobacco) pipe.

My friend Benjamin has a Sherlock Holmes style pipe, he is 24.

I smoke a pipe regularly. I’ve got a clay pipe ala Frodo Baggins, a corn cober I made, and a really cool Large Bentmade out of Turkish meerschaum. I like Captain Black off the shelf, its one of my bad habits I must say. No smoking in the house!
ETA: There is something about pipe smoke that is bred into new englanders…it’s just plain oddly appealing.

What about Bob?

A lot of people who smoke “pipe” tobacco use it just to roll their own cigarettes.

Over here! I have a churchwarden and an apple pipe.

We used to have a cigar bar up by my gym but that was the only place in 30 years I’ve seen anyone smoke a pipe or a cigar.

Perhaps people do it at home?

No one smokes pipes? Jesus, didn’t any of you ever go to college?

One of the guys in my guild bought a pipe last year or so and occasionally smokes it. He usually sticks with cigarettes though.

Guild? Where are you located? I’ve generally only heard that word in reference to an antiquated system of organizing skilled trades, as in, the armorer’s guild or something, in Medieval times. Are you in Europe? Is that what they call the unions over there?

There is a few of us still smoke a pipe.I prefer a corncob pipe.Don’t have to pay 25 dollars of a cheap one in the store. I just to the corn field and make my own. But I am A REDNECK and I do live in Tennessee. I live in the middle of no where,but I like it that body up my ass.
Raise my own food and grow my smoke… thats the way it should be…Ya I am A country …

Ya’ll have a good day

I do. I’m 26, I have roughly 30 pipes and many dozens of different types of tobacco. Phlosphr, not that I have an interest in switching you off your brand but…give Carter Hall or Prince Albert a shot. They are almost as easy to find as Captain Black, and I think they are infinitely better tobaccos.

Silver Tyger Girl lives in LA, so I’m assuming that the guild she mentions is related to one of those newfangled interweb game things.

I smoke a pipe occasionally. I’m 27.

A guy I hanged out with back in the early 00’s smoked a pipe (exclusively). An eccentric craftsman in his early twenties. I guess it’s rare since he’s the only one I can recall from the past decade.

I saw a young-ish chap walking down the street in Oxford puffing away on his pipe a few weeks ago. A strange sight, but then Oxford is full of ahem quaint intellectuals.