Who smokes tobacco pipes anymore?

I can’t recall the last time I saw a pipe smoker in public. Are they still out there?

My boyfriend does. He’s one of those dandy fop guys, though. Also wears sock garters.

I bought a pipe for my Albert Einstein halloween costume, but I didn’t buy any tobacco. I was going to buy some to add to the Einstein-ambiance while I party hopped on Halloween, but all they sold at the Walgreens where I bought the pipe were these huge garbage bags full of tobacco when all I needed was a pouch. So I now own a pipe, but I don’t actally smoke it.

I have a pipe and carry it, but I don’t smoke it.

I am a person that has been known to pop off when I shouldn’t so I carry the pipe and put it in my mouth when I want to say something that might get me fired or something. Usually at that point someone will say, there’s no smoking in here, which changes the subject. I usually say, that I forgot and then mention that I don’t have any tobacco anyway.

In fact, I have never smoked it. It was my father’s pipe. He always said when faced with a problem, pulling out his pipe, finding his tobacco, packing the pipe and trying to light it two or three times, usually gave him enough time to think through almost any problem.


I quit smoking pipes (or anything else) years ago, but always enjoyed them.

Anyway, I think it was Casey Stengle, but who knows, who once said something to the effect of, “Never trust a guy who smokes a pipe. He sits there looking thoughtful, and all the time he’s figuring out how to steal a hot stove.”

I used to smoke a pipe in college. I got rid of it when I moved back in with my parents afterwards.


Hey! I had a roommate in college who smoked a pipe. He was a real Sherlock Holmes fan too.

I smoke a pipe. I used to smoke a meerschaum, but lost it the last time I moved and since then have been smoking corncobs. Tobacco-wise, I prefer dark, sweet orientals.

In one of my classes is another fellow who also smokes a pipe (briar), and I’ve a good friend who is also a pipe smoker, so there are some of us still left out there.

I have three pipes (briar) and I smoke them a handful of times a year. Cigars are my primary passion, but occasionally I’ll light up my pipe in the house to unwind and get the house smelling wonderful.

I do not smoke cigars in the house, and I do not smoke cigarettes at all.

My dad smokes his daily. He has quite the collection. Once I made him a big pipe-mobile in shop class.

I always preferred the smell of the fresh tobacco to the overwhelming stench of cigars, which he also smokes.

I occasionnally smokes a pipe (though I broke mine several months ago and didn’t buy a new one since).

But when I think about it, I always smoke it at home, never in public.

Friends here at my dorm smoke hookah, cigars, and pipes. It can be an interesting sight outside the building, depending on the crowd out there.

The boyfriend usually smokes at home because there’s a lot of stuff you have to haul around with you to smoke a pipe in public. You also have to pay attention to it, make sure it doesn’t go out, etc. While he does smoke his pipes in public, I think he often breaks out the cigars when he’s out and about because it’s just a bit simpler. I’d much rather smell the pipe though.

Wow! My second cousin smokes a pipe, but he’s “old.” I’ve been recently taken by cigars, since some coworkers introduced me to “good” cigars, and Cubans are available here (although I seem to like the Dominicans me’self). I’d not thought of pipes. Can someone offer advice? This is a lot different than buying a cigar – I need the right pipe, right tobacco (Prince Albert in a can?), pipe cleaners (those things they use for crafts), and so on… any way to see if a pipe is right for me without investing a hundred bucks?

Got that right. Smoking a pipe is work. I used to smoke one now and then (back when I smoked cigarettes). It was fun, but as a cigarette addict I always found it somewhat unsatisfying.

I am a pipe smoker and have been ever since 1963 when the woman who has been my wife for more than 40 years announced that since the Surgeon General agreed with her that my pack a day of Camel Straights habit was a bad idea I would have to change or find a new woman. The pipe was our compromise.

Things started to go wrong with this when airlines decided that people could smoke cigarettes on airplanes but not pipes. Then restaurants followed. Then the whole No Smoking thing kicked in and we pipe smokers were relegated to trying to stoke the things up in drafty alleys. Then the Dutch maker of the tobacco I had used for 30 years decided to quit marketing in North America. Then the company that made my favorite cheap pipe decided to switch over to selling bad cigars and de-emphasize their perfectly good line of briers.

If I wasn’t such an addictive personality I’d give it up. But I’m not sure I could pull off the morning BM without it.

My dad. He started when he was sixteen, then took up cigarettes and went back to the pipe when he was in the army–the cigarettes got taken right away but there was always plenty of pipe tobacco. He turns 80 next month and is healthy as a horse–go figure. My uncle, on the other hand, also smoked a pipe for years and developed throat cancer.

My dad has dozens and dozens of pipes and pipe accessories.

Last summer we went to D.C. for a long weekend and he did what he always does–walked around with his pipe stuck in his mouth. All the locals stared.

The alt.smokers.pipes FAQ

If you’re trying to find out if pipe smoking is for you, I’d recommend you grab a corncob pipe. They’re sold at most drugstores, run about four bucks, and are perfectly good for smoking. For tobacco, get to a good tobacconist and ask him what he has that’s good. I’d stay away from flavored blends, as the tobacco in them tends to be rather cheap, but other than that it’s all a matter of what you like. A lot of tobacconists will let you smoke a bowl for free, to see if you like a blend or not. (Good) Pipe tobacco is often sold in bulk, and is quite inexpensive compared to cigars or cigarettes. Also pick up a pipe tool and some pipe cleaners (about 2 bucks). It’s not an expensive hobby to get started on.

Well, apparently every single person who makes a purchase at a head shop. You know those shops aren’t there for any other reason!

A friend of mine does - he actually has a pipe collection. He’s 35.