Does anyone actually know a lottery winner?

I’m just wondering if anyone here personally knows a big winner?

The criteria: You know the big winner by face and by name, and vice versa. You’ve corresponded with each other since the the event. You knew each other prior to the windfall.

Let’s use $100,000 as the criterion for big winner.

Anyone? Buehler?


A co-worker I knew very well won $40,000. Didn’t quite make your cut-off, but this was back in 1983 when the pay-outs were much smaller.

Almost yes. They won $11 million (this was when that was a REAL payout), but they were friends of friends – so I had only met them a few times at parties and gatherings. Still I know them by name and face.

By the way, after they won they bought his and hers Mercedes, moved to a big house in a rich neighborhood and quickly lost touch with all their old friends. That’s what you really wanted to know, wasn’t it?

I understand all the words, they just don’t make sense together like that.

I’m not sure what the point of this question is. Maybe MPSIMS can flesh it out for me…

I won US $10.00 with scratchers that I bought for US $1.00 at 7-11. I promptly spent the money on two water pistols. Net gain: zero.

My friend’s parents won 18 million in the Maryland State Lottery. Surprisingly, the money really dindn’t change them. His dad still kept his job as a high school principal. They all drove really nice cars afterwards, though.

Acquainted with someone who won tens of millions. Split it equally with his kids.

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Someone I worked with at my last job - her husband was in the group that won the powerball last year - $80 mil, and i believe there were about 30 people in the pool. She didn’t come into work the next day, or ever again.

No, I don’t know anyone.

If I somehow won some big PowerBall money, I hope it WOULD change me. I’m already and arrogant, self-centered, impatient A-hole, so maybe I could be a better person since the money always seems to change people.

I worked with 2 people who split a $1,000,000 jackpot. I left that job shortly after they won and I do not cporrespond with them, but they satisfy your other criteria.


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The mother of one of my friends from law school (I was in her wedding)“spun the wheel” in the early days of the California lottery and won $1.000,000.

The people across the street from my in-laws in Kentucky won something in the 'teens of millions a few years ago. They still live in their middle income neighborhood – it’s where they’ve been for decades (they are old enough to be my parents) and where their friends are. I think they travel a lot now, though.


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Just how much is this in American dollars?

Actually, I was just curious if anyone was close, personal friends with a big winner.

I’ve always said that, if I won, there would be a whole lot of happy people since I’d be giving away alot of the money.

(I can hear you thinking, “Yeah, right.”)

I would, too!

I would give away alot too. As well, I always said that if I won big, I would buy the hospital my dad was in all new pillows, cuz they sucked.

We are, each of us angels with only one wing,and we can only fly by embracing one another

My grat Aunt and Uncle won a 3 million dollar lotto. My Sister-in-law was married to a guy who split a 10 million dollar lottery with about 20 or so co-workers. Last but not least my brother-in-law won 150,000 playing the big game. Why oh why can’t some of that luck rub off on me???

A good friend of my dad’s won a million bucks. The payout was $50K a year, less taxes. He was making enough already that it was only a nice supplement, not a life-changing amount. (Don’t you wish?)

He was a one of those gruff on the outside, sweet on the inside kinda guys before he won the money, and the same guy afterwards. He was just elected mayor of the small town he lives in. (It was a landslide – he got 400 votes, his opponent only got 300!)

I’ve already told my boss that if I win the lottery there’s nothing in my desk that I can’t buy another one of. The only concession I might make to my place of employment is to hire Johnny Paycheck to come in and sing “Take This Job and Shove It”.

Sigh. Back to reality.

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I’ve won $500 on a scratch off ticket and blew half of it on a week in Vegas ( travel agent rates) and the rest on stereo speakers for my husband.

Interesting tidbit brought to you by my hair styliest: he does the hair of an attorney that specializes in people who’ve won /inherited great gobs of money. The lawyer said that most lottery winners go broke within the first year or so because of wild spending sprees. So, if you ever win the lottery, you need to have a plan to make sure you keep your winnings.

My dad won $100,000 in a Pick 5. Had to split it with a friend, though. By the time the taxes were taken out, he was up about $30 grand. He gave each of us kids a small check. :wink:

Unfortunately, he probably just broken even for what he’s put in…