Does anyone care about Yahoo! anymore?

Yahoo again had a disappointing earnings announcement. Does anyone really care about Yahoo! anymore? To me, they’re as irrelevant as America On Line. Google and MSN both have free email. Google is a better search engine. Geocities has been replaced by Myspace and Facebook. Yahoo photos no longer exists.

What’s the point of Yahoo!

My officemate is married to a Yahoo employee. So I’m pretty certain she cares! :slight_smile:

Yahoo! is still the most visited site on the internet, so apparently a few people out there still use it :stuck_out_tongue:

Fantasy Sports. It’s free and I like the interface. It’s not as flashy as other sites and the draft program could use an update but it’s still my favourite.

If it wasn’t for that, I’d never use it.

I utilize the Fantasy Sports and am also a subscriber to their subscription music service which, despite it’s player software faults & database issues, I like very much.

Yahoo has which sends a little donation to your chosen charity every time you search. That’s why I use Yahoo.

Yahoo! is still my home page, it always has been. I use Yahoo! for all my searches. I like that if I decide to search for a different category (e.g. images vs. web), I can simply select the right tab and hit search. Google clears the search box when switching between types of searches.

I also find that Yahoo!'s searches are more relevant. I have a Gmail account, use Blogger, and like Google Earth, but other than that I rarely use Google. Certainly never their page.

I like Yahoo!'s maps, movies, people search, farechase, and other specialized searches. It’s a much more useful tool than Google.

Eh, I still use Yahoo. My emails been there forever, I like the non-flashy front page, easy to browse news stories off the wires, I belong to several groups and am the moderator of my crew team’s schedule/info group, and I sometimes play the games. Sine I’m often there, I usually search through Yahoo as well. Maybe I’m a dinosaur but it works for me.

Although, I keep hoping Facebook comes up with a decent group organization/scheduling application. We currently use the Yahoo Groups database for scheduling but it’s not ideal. If somebody creates one I like, I’d consider migrating the group over there.

Yahoo is my start page as well. I started out with Excite back when I was first online, but switched during a period when they seemed to be having lots of problems (the page was slow to load or wouldn’t load at all; lots of cookie issues; etc.).

Quick hijack:

What happened to Yahoo! in the spring of 2006? It shows a severe dip in page rank, but only for a short time.

I use Yahoo mail. Their spam filter is outstandingly good, much better than the one at work. I also prefer their maps and directions to Mapquest. I never use them for searches, though.

I still belong to many Yahoo! groups - some for fun, some for work (Yahoo! techgroups.) I still use Yahoo! every day (through the groups.)

Yahoo! News is my default home page, and I’ve played quite a lot of their fantasy sports (plug for SDMB Fantasy NASCAR group goes here) over the past few years. Even have a Yahoo mail accout, although I don’t really use it. Does Yahoo make any money from me for all that? Doesn’t seem like it.

I care.

I hate them.

I will be very angry, yet quite unsurprised when they completely fuck up Flickr (though to their credit, it hasn’t yet happened).

I love Yahoo! Mail, has been my email for (yikes!) almost 10 years… I even forward my university addresses to that, I love the interface.

I use the maps feature, and used to put my pictures in yahoo photos until it became flickr.

I also LOVE their YahooMusic! I have my own station there. Sure, there is Pandora, but I don’t like the interface, and when I first heard of it, Pandora had a crappy selection of Spanish music. Yahoo! offered a better selection.

Not sure if this is what you want, but google has a calendar, and you can invite people to see it- they can contribute, or not as you see fit.

I’ve had my yahoo count for about 9 years now. I have 5 gmail accounts, and I’ve set them all up to forward to my yahoo account. I still use it for news, too. And of course, I have Yahoo Instant Messenger running constantly.

I fell in love instantly with the web when I first started surfing in 1994 and really never stopped since then. I have never understood the point of Yahoo at all. I took one look at it when I first read about it in the mid-90’s and was completely unimpressed. The whole concept of a web portal still evades me. If I were to submit to demands to surf to to check it out again it will be be literally about my 5th time in 14 years. I read the press and the comments here and I just don’t seem to get it.

The web is vast and the possibilities are almost infinite. Yahoo takes some of that vastness (getting more vast all the time) and throws it onto a main page human filtered links to the webs with an interface with crappy design. There is no point to that.

OTOH, it has always been mE & gOOGle 4 eva since she was spawned. Google looks a little bit more like a portal these days although can always add want you want or keep it simple.

Yahoo is for people that always really, really liked the old AOL and never really got used to the actual web. You know who you are and you will deny it but definitive evidence has been submitted on this matter your honor.

Myself, I’m insulted by your link of Yahoo users & AOL.

Feel free to use whatever home page/search engine you wish. I see no advantage to switching from the services that Yahoo provides to yet another vendor. Sure, I could go to iTunes but there’s no way I could have 10,000+ tunes on my hard drive for $60/yr. I could use Google for my home page? Why? What’s the benefit? My primary mail account is via comcast and only use an alternate when I think there may be a spam risk.

So tell me, why should I bother leaving Yahoo?

I’m trying not to be snarky, but this is completely wrong and totally backwards.

And while the current Yahoo homepage leaves something to be desired, the older designs were things of simplistic beauty.