Poll: What do you think of Yahoo.com's new layout

I was shocked. Seemed like they had done a major overhaul just recently. I think this thing is pretty poor looking. Fake-o metallic buttons, disharmonious sections of links to the left and upper right. Uninspired icons.

OTOH, I have actually started to use Yahoo’s search engine again (rarely but it used to be never), as I have found Google to be a pain for certain searches (e.g., when I’m searching for a company under that company’s exact name, I seem to get better results with Yahoo).

Anyhow, your opinions?

I have been on the web daily since 1996 and I have been to Yahoos website maybe ten times and never actually used it for much of anything. That redesign will ensure that my current rate of visiting goes down sharply. That site looks like it was designed by an intern who took a class on web design and decided to incorporate everything for fun. It looks like they stole the basic site layout from craigslist and then download a bunch of buttons, flashy things, and drop downs to splatter on it. Then again, they must know their target demographic.

I’ve not used Yahoo! since I was a net n00b, lo nearly 8 years ago now, except for when I’m on my way to Yahoo! games. I used to like the Yahoo portal. It was neat and interesting. My first thought on seeing that?

What a mess.

It reminds me of the hideous little ‘news centers’ or what have you when you open up clunky software like AIM or RealPlayer.

[Mr. Horse] No, sir, I don’t like it. [/MH]

I use Yahoo mail.

Before I even log in, the system says Hello to someone I’ve never heard of.

Yeah, it’s ugly. It’s been in beta for a while but I always refused to try it out. I especially hate the featured section. I don’t care about Ashlee Simpson’s new nose or whatever boring crap they put up there! I also don’t like the mail preview, mostly because it is too slow in coming down. Also, and this is kind of dumb, but it ruins the fun of finding out what email I have.

Yeah, I can’t stand the new layout either. Get the old one back by going to http://www.yahoo.com/r/vq. It’ll set your computer so the old layout always comes up. (If you suddenly decide you want the new one, go to http://www.yahoo.com/r/vp)

I hate it. I have Yahoo! as my default home page, so I can skim the news headlines while I wake up in the morning and see if the world still exists. Now they messed it up, and I’m all confused while I’m trying to pry my eyes open at 6 a.m.

I’ve “always” had Yahoo as my home page since I enjoy playing Yahoo games. Between the “scrolling pictures” on their news page that lock up my computer and the new ugly, confusing Yhoo page, I’m quite certain I’m going to look for a new home page. Sigh. I don’t like change. One wonders–did they test this on real people? did the test group actually LIKE it?

Yahoo always clutter up the screen with too much information. This remake does nothing to fix that basic flaw.

Back to Google for me.

Exactly, cazzle.

I actually like the redesigned version slightly better than the old version. However, neither of them is great. Too much clutter.

I haven’t used Yahoo regularly since 1998. Occasionally, I’d revisit it just to get a feel for what the internet circa 1998 felt like. The new design, while marginally better, doesn’t give me that pang of nostalgia for chunky 10 year old web design that the old one had, so two thumbs down. :slight_smile:

I like it. Being able to see your e-mail messages without clicking through is a good feature. Considering how much information they need to put on that page, it’s a nice design, with the important things easy to find. I especially like the slightly large font for “News” and “Sports” on the left menu – good way to make them stand out without being gaudy.

Hard to agree. The overall effect is garish and uniniviting.

Bless you for this! Yahoo! has been my homepage since it was hosted at Stanford… 1993 or so. The new design is absolute shite. So glad to have my normal Yahoo! back again…

hate it

I might like it better than the old one, but I certainly don’t like it less.

Then again, as often as I use Yahoo, it really doesn’t matter that much.

Dang it, it looks like they’ve just disbled this trick (liek literally 15 minutes ago) to force everyone to use the new layout. Bleh.

I’ve used it as homepage and email for quite some time, but no more. Might as well go to google or something.

I disliked it’s intermediate layout where there’s some random person’s picture staring at you every time it comes up (blech!!)

I think they must have some PR/focus group from the dark side of Mars, judging from their design changes.

Content-wise, once you get past the bewilderment, it’s roughly the same.