New Yahoo Design

I don’t like the new Yahoo design. It dosen’t suck or anything. It just lacks a certain boldness the design just before this new one had.

Looks the same to me. Firefox 0.9.2.

Am I being whooshed? Looks the same on MSE.

It definitly looks different on my computer. The new page even says:

There should be a box with rounded corners on the new page for “Yahoo Services” and the search bar is very different… There is no longer a drop down box instead there are links above (more like Google.) And many other changes.

Looks the same on Maxthon, too.


Maybe the new test page only shows up on occassion, for random visitors. eBay did something similar a while back.

Looks the same on Mozilla.

People still use Yahoo? What for?

Here you go.

I think it’s a great mail system, and it synchs contacts, calendar, and even notes wonderfully with Outlook.

And the interface should be even better when they implement Oddpost’s code.

My question is why is the graphics creator for CNET (see Garfield226’s link) using the MSN browser?

Yeah…it looks different to me. One’s tabbed, the other’s not. But the difference is fairly subtle, so I don’t think most people would even notice it. I sure as hell wouldn’t unless you gave me the pages side by side. I don’t see this “Yahoo Services” rounded corners, though.

Anyhow, I like the search bar on the new page better.

It still lacks focus, it’s still hard to find anything, it’s still overrun with advertising.

It may be ‘different’ but it’s certainly no improvement.

I wonder if there’s way to force the new page, I’m curious.

Do you really get the same page from both links?

On the first page (from, the search bar is not tabbed, but has a pull-down menu (on the Web/in the News/Images/etc…)

On the second page (the current one), the search bar has tabs that read: Web, Images, Yellow Pages, News, Products.

This must be the reason chat rooms in Yahell have been frozen all summer.

Oooh, boo fucking hoo, a web page wants to update? shit! let’s all cry for the way it works fine as an e-mail service and they gave us 100meg storage for nowt.

Find something more worthwhile to bitch about for fucks sake. Like how dogshit Hotmail is or something.

Oh, and get this, some people don’t give a fuck about G-Mail

Bitchy bitch bitch. I’m going to cry two tears out of one eye about this.

Not exactly the same page, the ads are different and some of the links are different, but the search bar is identical. Pull-down menu on both links, no tabs.