Does anyone else find Sprite doesnt quench your thirst?

I dont drink Sprite these days cos I used to find it didnt really satify my thirst. Is it just be or anyone else find this too?

Most other drinks are ok, it’s just Sprite.:confused:

Sprite quenches my thirst just fine. Sometimes I really crave that lemon-lime flavor. Sometimes, in fact, the only thing that REALLY quenches my thirst is limeade or lemonade.

Me too. Sprite just makes me thirstier. I still like it, though.

It always quenches my thirst.

Slight hijack… anybody try Sprite Remix? Tasty stuff.

Sprite is way too sweet for me to really enjoy very much. Bundaberg’s Lemon Lime Bitters? Rowwwwrrrr.

Hmmm. Don’t really like Sprite, it’s like drinking salt. I kind of get thirstier. Coke always does the trick. Or water :smiley:

I had a surprise when I tipped back a Sprite in Rio over the summer. Suddenly I was awash in childhood memories of the original Sprite of days gone by.

It seems that the formula has changed over the years in the USA, while Brazil is still making it the old fashioned way (with real sugar too). I felt that it was a bit strong and sweet, but it was the same Sprite I had as a kid.

No sugary sodas quench thirst.

Why would it quench your thirst? It’s not supposed to (forget the ads), it’s just supposed to taste good. Imagine pouring a glass of seltzer water and then mixing in a heaping blob of corn syrup. Do you think that would quench your thirst?

Soft drinks don’t generally quench a thirst. They have too much sugar. They can ease the dry mouth feeling, but to really quench thirst you need water.

Does anyone know if diet soft drinks work better? I loathe aspartame, so I never touch them; I’m just curious.

I happen to like the diet sodas that contain Splenda (ie Diet Rite). The drink that absolutely does not quench my thirst is anything cranberry. CranApple, Cranberry Juice Cocktail, whatever.

Cranberry juices totally make me thirstier, and I also feel like they never are cold enough, even if you add a lot of ice.

Most soft drinks don’t quench my thirst, but some are worse than others as far as making me thirstier. Citrus-y drinks like Sprite don’t make me as thirsty as colas do.

Orange juice doesn’t quench my thirst. I could easily drink a gallon of the stuff in a single sitting and still be thirsty (which explains why I don’t drink it at all any more).

I am a Sprite fiend. I drink a few cans a day. In fact, it’s pretty much the only think I drink. I don’t usually feel thirsty but Sprite does quench my thirst when I do.

I think I’ll go have a Sprite now. Yes, I know it’s 8:30 in the morning.


Milk quenches my thirst. Water doesn’t always, unless I drink a gallon. Then I just walk around hoping nobody punches me in the stomach. Sprite does the job for me occasionally.

Let’s talk about beer. It quenches my thirst in a weird way. It makes me want to have more.