Thirsty for a good scotch?

Can our thirst mechanism taste what we drink? What I mean is, if I’m thirsty for a “Tall One”, but I’ve had plenty of liquids, does actual thirst have anything to do with it?
I can’t seem to figure out if I’m actually thirsty when I want a cup of my excellent home roasted coffee.
So, what’s the science here?

When I desire some crisp, cold vodka I look at it as hunger more than thirst, but “desire” is a good word. Sex, the same thing. The science part? I’ll hang around and see what’s up.

I don’t believe “true thirst” is anything but a desire for water/liquid. My WAG is that the concept of “thirsty for a cold one” is a mix of thirst and some kind of desire for the “food” qualities of the beverage (the taste, I guess).

I remember once when I was hiking being incredibly desirious of iced Coca-Cola; I’m talking fantasizing about it. I think this may have been because I…possibly had my blood sugar reduced? I may have had an unconscious desire for something sugary, and water, and Coke happened to pop up and fit the bill perfectly.

Re: vodka, thats an interesting one. I never view hard liquor as a “thirst quencher”, and kinda got the impression this was a common take. Might be because when I’m dehydrated I’ve generally not eaten lately, and I view drinking on an empty stomach as tied with “bad”. Huh.