Does anyone else hate shopping?

I’m going on holiday next week and need loads of stuff but I havent been to the shops at all all weekend so far cos it alwas stresses me out. I hate it! I really need to buy some new clothes etc but I just cant face it. Everyone else seems to love going shopping but I hate it.

I hate it, too. To avoid excessive stress, I do this: make a list of exactly what I want and the store (or shop) where it can be found. Go there, get it, get out. No stopping to window shop. Start as early in the day as possible.

Online shopping is the answer (for me anyway). I hate shopping too and this seems to make it much less painful.

I’m a guy. For me, shopping is a three-step process:

  1. Want something.
  2. Find out where to get it.
  3. Get it.

Nice list Johnny L.A.

I’m a girl and shop the same way, plus a bit of online shopping too.

I don’t really hate it, or get stressed about shopping, but I’ve never understood my friends who consider it an event or do that horrific day after Thanksgiving marathon bargain brawling. Yeah, not worth the savings IMHO.

Johnny L.A., you took the words right out of my mouth. OR, uh, off my keyboard.

I NEVER go browsing around except for clothes, and even then I always know exactly what items of clothing I am going to buy (e.g. “Two dress shirts, three T-shirts, one pair of jeans”) it’s just a matter of finding the colours and fits I need.

I like shopping for clothes, household items, knick knacks, gifts, etc.

What I hate more than virtually anything else is grocery shopping. And that’s especially odd when you consider how much I like to eat.

I don’t know what happens, it’s like half my mind is sucked out of my head when I travel to the Stop & Shop - I completely forget what I eat whenever I go to the store. I push my little cart around the store for what feels like an appropriate amount of time, and every so often, I’ll toss something in the basket. Every time I get home from the grocery store - without fail- I realize I’ve forgotten something and wind up running back.

I’ve tried sitting down beforehand and making a list, but that doesn’t seem to work either. I just end up sitting there with a pen and paper trying to think of what I should bring home. I’ve even tried making mental notes of meals I like when visiting friends’ homes for dinner - and although I’ll remember for days what the meal was and what ingredients I need to buy, when I pull into the grocery store parking lot, woosh, it flies right out of my head.

On top of my own mental block, there’s also the other shoppers, you know who I’m talking about. The mother with the four children running up and down the aisles like maniacs. The guy who hits the back of your heel with his cart. The woman who stands in front of the shelf you need to get to and won’t move because she needs to figure out which brand of chicken soup is on sale. The guy who realizes he forgot to get milk while the cashier is ringing up his order and decides to run back to the dairy section that second. The woman who wants to argue about the cashier about the coupons, and of course, the guy who doesn’t start to fill out his check until after the cashier totals the bill. And then there’s the infamous price check.

Before this turns into a rant [which I fear it already has], let’s just say that I can never manage to avoid these people at the grocery store. I’m like a magnet. Couple that with my own inability to make a decent grocery list, and I think it becomes pretty clear why I only grocery shop once a month or so.

I LOVE shopping… when I actually HAVE money! lol

I hate shopping. Doesn’t matter what it’s for, groceries, clothing or gifts. I like the bookstore though.

I could spend an entire afternoon in the bookstore, the record store too now that I think about it. My bookstore trips have become so infamous that it’s often hard to convince someone to go with me.

Shopping for books and music, I like.

Shopping for clothes, I absolutely hate.

And I’m a girl, FWIW.

Same here, I like book shops, music shops, electrical goods shops.

I just hate clothes shops. I think it’s a combination of having to try things on, shop assistants who pounce on you, and not really being sure what I want.

I hate clothes shopping with a passion

Another vote for the horrors of clothes shopping. I have to try on ANYTHING I want to buy, because women’s clothing sizes are not consistent from one label to another, and I have to know what it feels like and looks like before I buy it. So it takes forever, and reminds me of all those bodily imperfections I can casually forget when I’m not having to buy clothes.

(I’ve actually bought men’s slacks in the past because you can choose waist size and length. And I like the fit of them.)

Shopping for yarn, fiber, archery supplies, and books, though, I love. And spend way too much money on them.

Yeah, I have to try on everything too - I would never even dream of shopping by mail order.

I just can’t stand crowds. And I find trying on clothes an incredible drag, especially when there’s a limit to how many items you can bring into the dressing room and you have to keep going in and out.

I truly detest shopping, and what makes it funnier is that Mr Elysian likes to do it. He loves the grocery store and goes about three times a week, and usually guilts me into going with him. He likes clothes shopping and can spend about an hour at a time looking at clothing and trying them on.

My mother hates clothes shopping too, so I think that’s where I got it. She would take me out once a year for school clothes shopping, grimly and efficiently hustle me through the clothes choosing/trying on/buying process. Of course, she would also pass judgement on how they fit me or how much of me they didn’t cover, so the whole experience was colored by shame of my body and I would finish with clothes I really didn’t like that were too sloppy anyhow.

Plus she refused to buy a name brand and, when I found a pair of jeans I really liked, would pick up another pair that were almost the same but really ugly but half the price and say, “What about these, then?”

Then I would try them on and she would proclaim a perfect fit.

There was a particularly awful game both mom and dad played, too, when I found something I wanted to buy. They would point out the price tag, and make me justify it. How often would I wear it, how long I think it would last, if I was buying it just because someone else had it, etc.

These experiences made me truly loathe shopping, especially clothes shopping. Do any other people have parents like mine?

I could have written the OP myself - I’m going on holiday in a week and i need to buy stuff, especially clothes, but i hate it. I don’t mind it with friends but most of them are on holiday and i don’t know the others well enough to drag around the town for ages. I was there yesterday but i only stayed for half an hour because it was so crowded.

I hate it as well except for bookstores. Usually follow the Johnny L.A. method. I haven’t been to a mall for almost 2 years now, and if I have to I can usually be in and out in 1/2 and hour and only go at off peak times, when I have a weekday off.

I hate shopping! Thank God for the internet! I do most of my clothes shopping online and I usually don’t go to the grocery store until I completely run out of food. I’d rather eat a mayo sandwich than go shopping.

When I go to Shop-Rite I grab a basket and go through the aisles like a whirlwind throwing stuff in. Then I get rung up, pay and leave. If I forgot to pick up something…oh well…it’ll have to wait until next time.

I’m usually done in 15 minutes, including waiting on line. That’s because I will only shop when it’s not crowded. If I walk in and see too many lines I just turn around and get Taco Bell on the way home and try again the next day. And I LOVE those self service checkout lines! There’s almost always one open so no need to wait on line at all!

i hate shopping

  1. hate screaming kids
  2. hate people touching me (bumping in to me)
  3. I hate people