Do you enjoy shopping?

Poll in a moment, broken down by merchandise categories and person shopped for. As always you needn’t let that slow you down.

Strangely, the only shopping I actually do enjoy is grocery shopping. I like just taking my time poking around the stores and thinking what my lunches and suppers will be for the upcoming week.

I actually don’t mind grocery shopping on a regular basis. I like to cook, so I like shopping for the ingredients. I really enjoy grocery shopping for special occasions. I voted for shopping for clothes for myself. Truth is, pants, shoes, underwear and such I’m with the get in, get it over with crowd. Shirts, however, I can spend hours looking for. I am a shirtaholic. I do like shopping for clothes for others and I do like shopping for electronics.

I also like cocoa and crumb cake.

I mostly hate grocery shopping and clothing shopping at all times.

I do like going shopping for new toys which may include electronics, gardening supplies, yarn and other fun stuff, but only when I have the money to buy if I see something I want. I’m not really a fan of spending the time to browse, if buying isn’t an option.

This would have been more interesting if directed at men only–with a similar one for women.

I hate most shopping, but I like to look at computers and at hardware. Clothes shopping is what I hate the most.

I love shopping for any matter of things - even things I’m not interested in. I view them as learning opportunities.

I so hate grocery shopping that I now have groceries delivered.

I don’t mind shopping for computer/electronic stuff.

If my husband answers this poll and says he doesn’t enjoy shopping for cars, he is LYING.

I think I hate to shop because I grew up with a mother who loved (lived) to shop. Going to the store with her to buy a dress could mean going to 7 different stores and trying on dozens of clothes and then going back to the first store to buy the first dress.
It was an all day excursion which included getting dressed up to go shopping, never know who you might run in to and you have to look your best.
It was pure torture.

Now Amazon is my friend.

I’m indifferent to grocery shopping, both regular and special occasions that aren’t major holidays. Likewise major holidays when I can go at odd, slow times. Grocery shopping for major holidays at busy times kinda sucks. Grocery shopping the evening before a major holiday, when most of the people you encounter are folks who enter a grocery store twice a year and have been deputized by the cook/normal shopper to pick up last-minute, forgotten items, is thoroughly exasperating. These pitiful souls don’t understand normal grocery store etiquette or layout, and they don’t understand the difference between a lot of items, so they’ll wander down the exact center of three aisles before stopping to stare at the display of corn syrup for 5 minutes. I feel bad for them, but I also rather want a cattle prod to use on them.

Shopping for clothes blows chunks, because I’m fat and also have a disproportionately big ass and boobs, so things are either tent-like or the hems have a mullet effect. Or the dimensions are okay, but the shaping is off so I have pants that fit in the butt and the waist, but give me camel toe. I hate it. Buying clothes for other people can be kind of fun, though–I just have to look at the size, styling, and color and buy what I think someone would like and look nice in. It’s the part of clothes shopping people talk about liking, without the part where I have to get undressed and redressed multiple times, only to look in the mirror and see Elsie the Dancing Cow over and over again.

Shopping for cars and electronics is kind of tedious, because of choice fatigue and the fact that a lot of the selling points being flogged are things I don’t understand or care about.

Craft supplies, otoh…love shopping for them. Love going to the store even if I’m not going to buy anything, because I get to look at them and fondle them and think about what I might do with them. I even like poking around the stuff for crafts I don’t do and have no intention of taking up.

I prefer shopping online to walking or getting in the car and driving somewhere, but any shopping I do is by necessity and not something I particularly enjoy.

I love grocery shopping and hate just about all other kinds.

That must be why you spent all that time in Eriador wandering around with the shards of a broken sword. Sad, really. You passed the blacksmith’s 271 times, and the armorer’s 144.

Farmer’s market, grocery and feed/pet supplies stores etc. shopping isn’t really shopping, it’s just an errand. There’s little comparing/choosing/thinking, it’s just like vacuuming and scrubbing out the bath tub, only you can’t stay home and do it.

Clothes shopping I do almost entirely online, as I can look at little pictures in my living room with much less wear and tear than going out there into the actual world. Any planned-obsolescence items like electronics, I buy online, with loathing, when I absolutely must.

If I were rich, I would have other people buy the crap I need for me, and never go to town again. That’s how much I love shopping.

I enjoy shopping. You know, if I’m in the right mood.

If I’m not? Then, I kind of hate it!

Not so sure it has much to do with what I’m shopping for so much, to be honest. Sometimes buying groceries is a lovely and pleasant experience. Sometimes it’s mundane and irritatingly dull. I don’t think it’s the groceries.

My favorite shopping is a night market in a foreign country. I’ll be over by the shiny things!

I love all the categories of shopping for myself. But I hate it for others because I invariably choose things they’ll have to return.

Defining “shopping” broadly…I enjoy shopping for music, books and electronics (gadgets, computer-related, etc.)…and not much else.

For food, I ticked “enjoy,” which is probably too strong…but at least I don’t hate shopping for food.

For almost everything else, I generally despise shopping, whether for me or someone else. One has to have a certain amount of forbearance when with one’s spouse. But generally speaking, I just want it to be over, and end up genuinely exhausted at the end of it, even if it’s not really physically demanding.

It’s a bit of a stretch to say that I enjoy grocery shopping - I don’t hate it, especially when I’m smart enough to avoid the busiest times. Other shopping is pretty much torment for me.

Except house shopping - when we were looking for a house in this area, I enjoyed stomping thru different places, seeing different neighborhoods, even stealing decorating ideas and occasionally snarking about some choices. I used to think I’d like to be a real estate agent, 'cause I could do that all day long. Then I realized that we did most of our shopping evenings and weekends. That would suck. Plus I hate selling…

Anyway, mostly, I hate shopping.


How in the name of the Nine Muses can any sane person shop for clothes online? You have to see them in the right light, and try them on, and ponder deep thoughts, and be pretty in public!

Anything but clothes shopping. For others or myself.

I love shopping like Bender loves stealing. The grocery store in particular is a magical place to me – infinite diversity in infinite combinations.