Does anyone else have "hot" feet or understand what I mean?

Hi I’m **Anaamika ** and have hot feet.

No, I know they’re *attractive *. :smiley: But what I mean is that they are several degrees warmer than the rest of my body. I wear sandals ten months out of the year in Albany, NY, and people are shocked but I am genuinely made uncomfortable by shoes & socks. People don’t understand how quickly my feet heat up walking even short distances. When I sleep at night, I stick my feet out of the blankets. I cannot stand when the sheets are tucked into the mattress. When I was little and my parents tried to put me in jammies with the feet because they thought it was cute I screamed the house down. I will wear socks and shoes, don’t get me wrong, but only for specific occasions:
[li] I’m hiking or jogging or biking or some activity that requires shoes.[/li][li] It’s below 10 degrees in temp.[/li][li] There is snow on the ground that I have to walk through.[/li][/ul]

I’ve only ever met one other person who understood, and that was a person whose husband had the same issue as me. My SO thinks it’s one of my more charming traits but thinks it’s silly.

So there’s gotta be Dopers who have the same issue. Anyone?

The first thing I thought of was that you’re someone who’s ‘hot to trot’ for an upcoming wedding. You know, the opposite of pre-wedding ‘cold feet’??

Hehe, that’s exactly what I was thinking, probably because I DO have “hot feet” in that sense…a year is so far away!

I also do have hot feet in the sense you actually mean…I hate wearing socks, and slippers make my feet WAY too hot, though I have several pairs I bought b/c they were cute. I especially hate it when they get really hot when I’m trying to sleep, and I have to kick around to find a cool spot on the sheets for them.

I am the exact opposite. My feet turn into ice cubes at the least provocation. I only get to wear sandals in the summer. The only cure I’ve found is, strange as it may seem, to put a hat on. If I’m wearing a hat, my feet stay warm.

So, I can sympathize, though I haven’t experienced what you’re talking about.

And the rest of you looks pretty good too… ::nyuk nyuk::

Seriously, yeah I **used ** to have the same thing. All my life my feet were hot. To this day, I despise wearing socks, and always sleep with my feet hanging out the side of the bed to keep them comfortable.

More and more lately, i get cold feet though. 5 years ago, the diabetes diagnosis came, I started oral meds, watched the diet, finger my…I mean prick my finger on a regular basis and am doing fine. I never had, still don’t have neuropathy, tingling or any numbness in my feet, but they get cold all the time.

Do they get more sweaty than normal, or just feel warm to you?

Honest to gosh, I’d probably pay big money to sleep with a woman with perpetually warm feet, so I can see the SO’s thinking it’s charming. God, I hate cold feet banging against me all night…

Just feel warm.

:eek: I think you’re doing it wrong…

There’s a right way?? :smack:

My feet get hot and I can’t wear sandals.

In the summer, I usually wash my feet in cold water just befor I go to bed.

Sometimes my feet get so hot, I have to run cold water in the bathtub with a few icecubes added. Then stand in the water until they cool down. Unfortunately, this usually happens in the middle of the night.
But just as often, they’ll get so cold, they turn blue. Sometimes, I’ll have one red hot foot, and one blue cold foot.
I’ve had every medical test the doctors could think of, but they are still baffled.

And you can’t sleep until they cool down, right?

Sometimes my feet get so hot at night that I can’t go to sleep. Other nights they are cold and keep me from sleeping. This is the only thing that keeps me awake and I’ve learned to deal with it and get to sleep.

I got “hot feet” while I was pregnant. Not so much that I couldn’t wear shoes, but I absolutely COULD NOT sleep with my feet covered at all. Not only that, I had to have a fan blowing across them–in the winter time!

My feet get pretty warm too. I don’t get uncomfortable wearing shoes, but in the summer I have to use foot powder to keep the sweat under control. I wear sandals a lot, even in the winter. Of course, it rarely gets below freezing around here.


I’m exactly like this too, although I haven’t tried the hat thing. I can’t even wear sandals to work in the summer because with the AC on, it’s too cold and my feet get frozen. So it’s only sandals outside in the summer when it’s >80 degrees. It sucks because there are no (or very very few) cool looking non-sandals for the summer so I look dorky in my close-toed shoes at work. :mad:

Couldn’t we find a way to share some of the foot-heat? Those of you with hot feet could share some of the warmth with those of us with frozen feet!

Yup, I’ve had hot feet all my life. Used to run around in the Minnesota winters with no socks on. The worst was when my gramma would buy me pajamas with the feeties. No!!!

Still got the hot feet today, no matter how cold it is, I can’t sleep with my feet under the blankets.

I have regular shoes to walk to work in, but when I get here, I’ve got a pair of clogs that I’ll slip on if I need to go somewhere quick, otherwise I’m just working at my desk in my socks.

Just ask mr bus guy, he knows all about it.

Yep! I am your sister of the hot feet, Anaamika. I wear sandals year-round and live in Southern Ohio [before this, Pittsburgh]. I go through snow, sleet, rain, and sun in my sandals. To wear shoes is loathe and to wear socks is worse.

I can’t count the number of times I’ve gotten the “Where in the world are your SHOES?!” question/look. I’ve been so very tempted to reply with “Up your ass if you keep asking.”

Yup, another year-round sandal wearer here. I go barefoot in the house. If I DO have to wear socks and shoes (usually when I take the dog for a walk - I live on a dirt road and dusty feet drive me nuts) they go off as soon as I get home.

Tee hee, that’s the best answer! I’m using that whenever I can get away with it.