So, about your feet...

Do you wear socks, or not? Or do you wear them sometimes? Do you have favorite socks?

I wear them almost always when shod – I hate it when my feet get hot and stick to the insides of my shoes. I also hate to have cold feet, so I’ll pad around the house in socked tootsies all year around. And I think we can all agree that there’s nothing quite like a black, over-the-calf nylon-blend sock in an open-toed sandal to turn a head or two – especially as a contrast to winter-white legs…
<for the humor-and-fashion-impaired, the preceding was a feeble attempt at sarcasm>

But back to the original question – do you wear socks or not?



If it were up to me, I would always be barefoot, all the time. Even in the dead of winter, I walk around barefoot (in my house), and to get me to put on socks is like wrestling pantyhose onto a three year old girl.

I hate them I hate them I hate them. I think I own three pair of socks…TOTAL.


Whenever I am wearing shoes of course. With my sandals? Nope. It just looks silly to me. So in the summer I guess I wear socks about 50/50 and the winter always. Although I never wear them in the house.

I always wear socks, but the wierd thing is I wear socks even when I am naked. I don’t like being totally naked, I need to have socks on. Nothing else, just socks.

A presidentail son (Cooledge?) DIED because he wasn’t wearing socks!! He played tennis with shoes but no socks, got an infection in his toe and later DIED!

You have been warned!!! :slight_smile:


So if the alcohol, red meat, cheetos, caffeine, herniated discs, third nipple, too-low blood pressure, sun burns, clumsiness, military neck syndrome, history of cancer, tendency to slip in the shower, general lack of common sense or random airline disaster don’t do it I’ve got to worry about toe infections.

GOOD WORK SPRITLE! You can just rock me to sleep tonight.


I always wear socks. I don’t have any sandals because I can’t wear socks with them. You should thank me for wearing socks, as I have just about the sweatiest feet on the planet and my wearing socks is the only thing that stands between me and the rest y’all having to walk in puddles of my foot sweat!

[sub](All together now … eeeeeEEEEEWWWW!)[/sub]

I haven’t worn socks in years.

Didn’t wear them to my interview for this job.
Didn’t wear them to the convention in San Antonio last week.
Didn’t wear them in Chicago last Christmas.
Didn’t wear them when I went to dinner with purplebear.

They’re a tool of satan, children. Gimme an AMEN!

I do. They’re somewhat essential when one wears workboots 10 hours a day.

Hmmm… Jarbaby wants me to rock her to sleep…

No THAT’S sig material!

I have to wear socks or the shoes I wear develop an unbearable stench within a matter of days.

The same goes for sandals, even. In fact, sandals are worse, because the form-fitting soles get strapped so tightly to the foot that no air gets in to ventilate the soles of my feet.

But I love sandals, so I generally do wear socks with them. Ankle socks. In fact, the ones that I like the most were found in the ladies’ sock department at Target.

Wearing big ole kitchen clogs necessitates the wearing of socks. Especially when I’m on my feet 10 hours a day.

Otherwise, I’m a barefoot, free-wheelin’ mama, just like jarbaby. I honestly hate wearing shoes, especially because I trip in them. Really.

Ah, the trip hazard… If I wear anything with more than an inch of heel, I risk stumbling and twisting an ankle. I blame it on my mom - she didn’t let me take ballet when I was little… <silent sob>

Now that I think about it, when I wear my terrycloth slippers, I don’t wear socks. But the rest of the time, my delicate pedal extremities are properly garbed. Toasty toes are happy toes! :smiley:

I shudder at the thought of socks. I wear them ONLY in the winter (this IS Wisconsin, after all) but even then shoes & socks come off as soon as I get inside. If I need to wear shoes I’ll wear sandles as often as the weather permits, but I go barefoot anytime I can get away with it (around the house/yard, school, work, shopping, etc. Where ever I won’t get overtly yelled at.) Right now I haven’t put anything on my feet (except a toe ring, does that count?) in several days. Sometimes in the summer weeks can go by that I don’t wear shoes. :smiley:

Go Barefoot!

Oh god yes, I wear socks. I’m never without them, unless I’m showering, or swimming. I dunno why, it just feels wrong padding around in bare feet. Then again, it does raise some questions when I’m swimming and my body is sun-browned but my feet are so bright white they’re painful to look at. :smiley:

I did take ballet when I was little, but little good it did me. [sub]Imagine a little chubby girl in the black leotard and pink tights, auburn hair pulled so tight in a bun it looked like I had a bad facelift[/sub].

I trip over my own feet when wearing Birkenstocks. A week ago, I was walking to work in my kitchen clogs, and I just stepped wrong on my right foot. I almost fell, but twisted my ankle in the process, hearing a pop pop when I did. :eek: It still hurts a little; it feels like I pulled a tendon. I don’t want to think what would have happened if I was wearing heels.

I tend to walk around the house barefoot as often as possible. I hate shoes, can’t stand them, don’t really like socks, don’t really hate them either.
This summer I’ve declared war. I have a sock tan from having to wear socks at school so now I’m refusing to ever wear them until it goes away.


I always wear socks. Whenever I don’t wear them my pinky toes get the crap beaten out of them. Both are them are in DEEP pain due to non-scok related injuries. Seriously.

I loathe shoes, but I love socks. I mean, I love just owning them, in addition to wearing them; my LO gives me a new pair on the first of every month. (True!)

Indoors I prefer to be barefoot, no socks or shoes. But outdoors, socks are the way to go - they can act as a sort of intermediate step between shoes and bare feet, or they can be the analgesic that takes the edge of the misery of shoes. I will not wear shoes without socks; something must insulate my feet from the hard, cruel, torturous horror that is shoes.

Socks even dictate my shoe choice, to a certain extent. I haven’t even owned a pair of sandals in years, because you can’t wear socks with 'em. And high heels are the work of the devil, as far as I’m concerned. Not only are they painful, but I find it’s the rare pair of heels that really works with socks. (Also, in my case, they’re just begging for trouble; I’m clumsy enough without adding dangerous shoes to the mix.)

But socks…socks are cool. They’re cushiony. They protect your feet without dominating them. They’re often very nifty looking, and you can buy them in all manner of colors and patterns that you couldn’t have on any other visible clothing item. And usually you can wear whatever kind of socks you want, since it’s rare that people look at your feet, so even when you’re forced to dress in nice clothing, you can let your true personality shine through on your feet. Socks make everything more fun; even laundry becomes a fun matching game when you’ve got lots of socks, and there’s no thrill so cheap and easy to come by as the one that you get from reuniting a long-separated pair of socks.

In fact, I’ve just realized something: socks are the perfect article of clothing.

There’s nothing so neat as cloth for the feet.


I wear wool socks all year round-- running, hiking, playing squash-- wool socks. and Mrs.Barbarian wonders why I have the softest, nicest feet around…

In bed I wear cotton socks.

Life without socks is just plain wrong.

And this is the best comic strip ever.