Are you wearing socks?

Not me. I can’t stand them when I’m at home. They put waffle marks in my skin. :smiley:

I’m at work right now, so … yes. White ones. I sometimes get crazy and wear gray ones, but the white ones are on right now.

Oh yes…I prefer barefoot, but my room is cold and so I wear socks. Boot socks or toe socks in colors.

I wear socks when I go out and I always get the waffle thing on my skin… so whenever I get inside I take off my socks and go around in my moccasins… though I prefer barefoot but since its winter my toes get cold easier. Plus Grandma doesn’t like me going barefoot.

Now I’m at home, and I’m not wearing socks. I’m naked and eating spaghetti. Mmm mmm!

Yup! White ones, with slippers!

I usually go barefoot indoors in the summer.
However, my computer is in the basement, and in the winter the basement gets really cold. So, I’m currently wearing socks; gray, work.

God, no!

I never wear socks without shoes. I never were shoes unless I have to.

I thought, how cool, I should move to Japan where when I visit someone I can take my shoes off. Until I realized I’d have to keep my socks on.

I have caused people physical pain (judging by there facial expressions) by blantently walking around a freezing cold floor with no socks. I have horrified many by walking in snow, as far as the mailbox and back, in bare feet.

What’s wrong with that??

Another bare feet, walk in the snow even sockless wonder here. :slight_smile: If it’s chilly in the house, sometimes I’ll wear big slouchy ones that don’t constrict.

My favourite are leopard print ones. I’ve been a collector of all things animal print for 20 odd years, and friends buy me animal print socks frequently.

Nope. I’m diabetic, and the sort of socks I would need are rather expensive. If it’s cold, I’ll wear fuzzy slippers inside, and just not go outside. Generally I’ll just wear sandals, inside (the diabetic thing again) or outside. I only take my shoes off when I take a shower, get in the pool, or get in bed. And I really SHOULD get pool shoes.

      • The reason you may not like socks could be because you’ve never had good socks: they cost $8-$15 bucks a pair; go to a sporting goods store and buy only hiking socks, made of either synthetics or synthetic/wool mixes. No cotton! None! Not even a little! For socks, cotton just plain sucks; it ruins them completly. You know how a new pair of cotton socks feels when you first put them on? Synthetic/wool socks feel that way all the time, and tightly-woven examples last quite a bit longer then the cheap cotton ones, so the final price difference isn’t really all that much. - MC
  • I have no idea what’s going on with this font. Suddenly I have serifs. -???- MC
  • Okay, I wanted to italicize the first instance of the word “hiking” and must have messed it up somehow. - MC

Nope, I never wear them unless I’m wearing pants to work. (Skirts, of course, require hose/tights.) Occasionally, if it’s quite cold out, I’ll slip on socks with jeans or something, but usually I just slack off and don’t put them on.

If I’m at home, I’m probably wearing my slippers, which are fantastic and warm anyway.

No woman has ever been able to make me understand why hose are necessary. Men can go barelegged without hose, why not women? As far as I can understand, women are ashamed of leg hair in this culture, and shave their legs and wear hose to pretend they don’t have any. Am i close?

I don’t wear socks unless I wear tennies; I like the new below-the-ankle ones. I’d go barefoot but for gravel; I like sandals for that. I got moccasins for Solstice: yes, a cow died to keep my feet warm.

Looks like I’m in the minority, but I always wear socks. I hate going barefoot.

I start wearing sandals as soon as the snow melts, and keep wearing them until it starts snowing again. If my feet are cold in the house, I wear slippers.

I don’t think it’s the quality of the socks. My toes hate to be confined. I have a disturbing habit of always moving some part of my body, and my toes are often in motion. Yes, friends and family make fun of me for this.

I * love * socks! It would take me hours just to count all the socks I own. Love them, love them, love them. I have socks in every color, for every occasion, for every season. Really thin short socks, big thick comfy socks, nylon socks, cotton socks, fuzzy socks. Did I mention I love socks?
The wierd thing is…I never wear them. I am almost always barefoot and if my feet get cold I generally wear slippers.
For the times I have to wear socks though, I’ve got a pair to match my pants/shirt/coat/underwear or whatever does it for me at the time. (If you see me in socks that seem to match nothing else I’m wearing, well, you can make an educated guess at what color my underpants are that day :slight_smile: )
Maybe I was sock deprived as a child.

I almost always wear socks (doing so right now), especially in the cold winter months. Our family always takes their shoes off at the front door, but we leave our socks on. I like the “waffle” look.

I hate socks! When I’m home, I don’t wear them unless my feet are cold. I wear sandals as often as possible.
My socks seem to repel one another. Soon after I buy them, they are separated for life. Tabithina, the cat, likes to take off with them and hide them. If I leave the clothes hamper lid up, she will jump in to get a sock, just so she can stash it somewhere. I find “sock nests” under all the large furniture in the house. I buy white socks for everyone, so we can match up what Tabithina deigns to leave us with.:slight_smile: