Sock length

What length socks do you prefer?

I never/rarely wear socks

Bare (stops just below ankle)

Ankle (stops at or just above ankle)

Crew (stops somewhere mid-calf)

Knee-high (stops at or just below knee)

Over-the-knee (self-explanatory)

I hate hate hate HATE to be barefoot.

It is the most uncomfortable feeling in the world to me and I like my socks super short and super tight.

If I’m wearing high top shoes than just above the ankle and, again, super tight.

I literally have a divided sock drawer with “house socks” and “going out socks” and go through pairs of socks like water.

I’m barefoot whenever possible. When I’m wearing shoes I wear socks of normal hight.

I said knee high because the crews rarely get up to my calf. And I don’t have long legs either.

Ankle. I hate socks, though; only wear 'em because I have to.

I am barefoot all the time at home, but I choose my socks depending on the shoe I’m going to wear and the activity I plan to do, so I can’t pick one.

I prefer to go barefoot if at all possible, with sandals or 5-Finger shoes as my next options.

Otherwise, I wear crew socks with long pants and ankle socks with shorts.

The Gold Toe Bermuda Turn Cuff is my sock of choice. I wear them every day, unless I am wearing a skirt.

I prefer to be barefoot, but since I’m always cold at work I wear shoes and socks. My favorite socks are to the knee or longer, because they’re warmer.

I wear crew-high socks (basic sports socks) bunched around my ankles. They may have invented a way to get them to stay up, but I haven’t heard of it.

I’m barefoot at home for about six months a year.

I voted “crew” because I find them the most comfortable, but for work I wear over-the-calf socks.

Bare. Or sport. Or golf. They’re all the same and stop below the ankle. I’m wearing a pair now. Otherwise I just fold normal socks over so they are comparable.

What is the context?

When I am sleeping or showering, I’m barefoot.

When I am wearing shorts, I wear short socks—ankle length or less—so that I don’t look like I come from the 70s.

When I’m wearing regular (long) pants, it doesn’t matter, as long as I’m not conspicuously showing off hairy skin between the top of my sock and the bottom of my pantleg.

I wear white crew socks with white sneakers with shorts or jeans, black crew socks with black sneakers with slacks. I don’t wear dress shoes, even with my suit or sport coat. Clean, black Airwalk sneakers.

I buy a dozen pairs of Identical socks of each color, that way I can easily match them when they come out of the laundry. I hate ankle socks, just one more variation to try to match up.

I wear socks all the time. I mean…all. the. time. And shoes too, though obviously not while sleeping. :stuck_out_tongue: Socks while sleeping, yes; the few times I’ve tried without I can’t sleep, wtf. I’m weird.

I voted ankle, though in reality I think they’re usually crew socks that I push down to the ankle. Either that or they’re kinda long ankle socks. O.o

I have several pair of each and use them all. Each has a specific use. I wear socks all the time.

I like the crew socks myself. I looove socks. My GF likes to make fun of me because I wear socks at all times, but they may very well be one of my favorite things in the whole world.

Either just above or just below the ankle, and usually on Smartwool brand, unless I’m at the gym, then just plain cotton, below the ankle.

I hate the irritation to my leg hair I used to get wearing tall socks.

When home, shoes and socks come off immediately.

I rarely wear socks. Generally only with workout or hiking shoes. When I do they are ankle or just above.

I wear these almost every day so I wear knee high wool socks.