Does anyone else still like KMFDM?

I know, it’s hard to believe that they are still around, but they are.

I’ve recently been getting back into them and their newest album, Blitz, is actually really good.

I’m especially enjoying “Bitches”, the song where they claim they were never all that serious and that they have been in it for the cash the whole time.

Anyone else still listen to them? Thoughts? Favorite songs of late?

Blitz, the latest album

I’ve never listened to KMFDM, but I do still buy every new Pet Shop Boys album as soon as it comes out, including EP’s. And yeah, they’re still making some really good stuff.

(I was very amused many years ago when I went to a Depeche Mode concert and there were a whole lot of people that had chosen to wear their KMFDM t-shirts. I assume ironically, since the rumor was that it stood for Kill MotherFucking Depeche Mode.)

KMFDM SUCKS! :slight_smile:

I love KMFDM, especially Hau Ruck and MDFMK. I didn’t know they had a new album out; I’ll have to look into it. Their style has changed so much over the years, but they are always a fun act to listen to.

Now I’ll need to think of a couple more albums to get free shipping

Do they still insist on using their own name as every third word in the lyrics?

No. Are you referring to Megalomaniac? I think that was the point of the song.

I do. :slight_smile: But apparently not well enough to know they have a new album out. Will listen soon.

It’s a year old, actually, but that was news to me. I recommend “Bait and Switch” if you are going to get one track of Itunes or something.

I saw them live on their WWIII tour, which was just a bit after I’d gotten into them. Hadn’t seen this newest album come out though.

As an aside - Wax Trax! Records, The First 13 Years is worth every penny.

Sorry if that’s too much of a hijack

I’ve loved UAIOE forever, it seems like, but I have yet to ever get into another album of theirs. That one’s just got some great tunes (Thumb Thumb, Ganja Rock, etc).

I’ll check out this new one and see if I can dig it. :slight_smile:

They’re playing in my home town soon…I’ll be there!

I would guess their live shows would be pretty cool.

By the way, I’m listening to Krieg, their 2010 remix of Blitz and it’s pretty good too.

I have to admit, KMFDM might just be getting back to the quality of their early 90’s releases, which is when I think they peaked.

You know what? They really do. They talk about themselves more than any other band I know.