Recommend Me Some Good Music!

My iTunes library has grown stale - it’s time for some new noise. Trouble is, I suck at finding new bands/singers/artists/whatever. Can any Dopers out there help?

I listen to a pretty wide variety of material - I’m a big fan of Industrial Rock/Techno-Industrial, club music, EBM, dance, techno, alternative, ska punk, punk rock, power/fantasy metal, viking/pagan metal, “novelty” music, parodies, remixes, and more - genre is not important to me so much as that it be fast, loud, heavy, and obnoxious to anyone over 35. :smiley:

Examples of bands I like:

  • Die Krupps
  • Nietzer Ebb
  • Front Line Assembly
  • Megaherz
  • 16Volt
  • Terrorfakt
  • Suicide Commando
  • Combichrist
  • Circus of Dead Squirrels
  • Basshunter
  • Ensiferum
  • Power Quest
  • Korpiklaani
  • Turisas
  • Streetlight Manifesto
  • Voltaire
  • Taj Motel Trio
  • I:Scintilla
  • Suburban Legends
  • Big D and the Kids Table
  • Mustard Plug
  • Reel Big Fish
  • Galloglass
  • Avantasia
  • Alestorm
  • Blind Guardian
  • Dpe Stars Inc
  • Funker Vogt
  • Heavenly
  • Rhapsody of Fire
  • Nightwish
  • Sonata Arctica
  • Razed in Black
  • Powerglove
  • Optimus Rhyme
  • MC Frontsalot
  • MC Lars
  • Sum 41
  • Blink 182
  • The Offspring
  • Nickelback
  • Wierd Al Yankovich
    And many more.

So, any suggestions? If you don’t know any bands like the ones I listed, that’s fine - just suggest anything and I’ll give it a listen! Bonus points for links to YouTube videos. Thanks in advance!


MC Cafe and Funky Blue Society look pretty good to me.




Man, am I OLD. I’ve only listened to about 3-4 of those bands. Ever.

I’m even older; I’ve only *heard of *one of them.

Well, I’m over 35 so take this with a grain of salt :wink: but here are some bands from my playlist that I think you’ll like if you haven’t heard them (some old, some new):

Five Finger Death Punch
My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult
The Bronx
Fucked Up
God is LSD
Pig Destroyer
Skinny Puppy

Well most of these aren’t new and you probably have them, but:

Hank III (country, hellbilly, and metal)
Social Distortion
The White Stripes
Bikini Kill
Yeah Yeah Yeahs (they’re better than their name suggests)
Lacuna Coil
Rob Zombie

Mustard Plug(!) that is some skanky goodness right there.

These post are usually pretty fun to do; roam around youtube and see just what you can dig up. However, since I am not at home I can’t get to youtube, so I’ll pass on my past ‘lists’

Digging though youtube’s crates for some hip-hop. Not in that list, but if you want obnoxious rap, try Akinyele. He is probably the nastiest, dirtiest rhymer you have ever heard. Not to say he’s not talented, he has some hilarious and witty lines, but he’d make Larry Flynt blush; just warning you.

I was going to do a Buckethead post for the heavy metal thread, but the hamsters were hungry. *Buckethead, Colonel Claypool’s Bucket of Bernie Brains (youtube: C2B3), Mr. Bungle *- all very heavy; all very, very weird.

This threadwas fun and might have what you’re really looking for. I had fun combing through winamp and youtube on that, and due to a lack of sleep I came up with two separate listsof, um, something. I think you would really like the Gogol Bordello though; loud, fun, eastern European type of punk. Also, I didn’t post it since it didn’t fit the thread as much, but look for Negativeland’s mix with Casey Kasem’s blow up; it’s fun. Oh, and one more thing I forgot to add in that thread, the Kris Kross link was “for the kids”; yeah thats it… I did mix some ska in there too(*Aquabats *and Lets Go Bowling). Actually it was that thread got me to dig out my old ska cds.

Speaking of ska, the Asianman Records compilationsare great, cheap starting points for potentially finding new bands. The Bosstones had a good “heavy/hard” sound for a ska band too.

try heading over to and dropping in some of your favorite bands or songs. Let the site try to match you up with some similar music. I’ve had some good luck.

The only bands on your list I’m familiar with are Blind Guardian and Nightwish.
But if you like those, check out:

Stream of Passion They’re in the process of recording their second cd after some lineup changes. The first cd was amazing, IMO, best female fronted band I’ve heard in years. I’d describe them as European Rock, not super heavy or thrashy. Their guitarist on the first album (Lori Linstruth) is amazing.

Ayreon Dutch musical genius who writes these elaborate sci-fi concept albums, plays most of the music himself, then gets singers he likes to do vocals. The list of guest vocalists is pretty impressive, and reads like a “who’s who” of European metal. Best album is Into the Electric Castle, which is one of my top 5 of all time. Albums are a mix of heavy, acoustic, folk, rock, electronic, etc. BTW Stream of Passion started as one of his side projects. You might also be interested in another of his side projects, Star One, which is a bit heavier than most of the Ayreon stuff, and has songs based on famous sci-fi movies (Star Wars, for instance).

Rhapsody (now Rhapsody of Fire) A mix of classical and Metal, somewhat similar to Blind Guardian, especially Nightfall in Middle Earth. A Bit more melodic and less thrashy than BG, although guitarist Luca Turilli can shred. The storyline is original and spans 5-6 albums, about a warrior fighting to save his lands from evil. If you really like Blind Guardian you need to check these guys out.

Dragonland Swedish Metal band similar to Blind Guardian and Rhapsody, but much faster. Original fantasy storyline involving elves, dwarves, and whatnot. Very fast and heavy.

Within Temptation If you like Nightwish, definitely give the Dutch band WT a listen. Sharon has an impressive voice, if not quite as operatic as Tarja from Nightwish. The Silent Force is one of my favorite all time albums, and I actually like them a little better than Nightwish. Plus they don’t have a fierce growly cookie monster guy like NW does, which is a plus IMO.

Just for something completely different:
The Black Heart Procession. Slow and spooky for the most part, these guys sound like they’re doing a soundtrack to a horror movie. If you really want to creep your friends out, start playing this for them late at night. Not gory or violent, just…creepy. Until I heard this band I never knew the piano could be a creepy instrument. The best albums are 2 and 3, IMO (the first 3 albums are numbered instead of named).

Colonel Jefferey Pumpernickel: A Concept Album Not sure how to describe this, other than it’s very good, and one of the flat-out weirdest albums I’ve ever heard. Steven Malkmus (probably tripping or something) came up with a bizarre idea for a concept album, and sent ideas for each song to a different indie rock band, with some general guidelines. Unfortunately the full site doesn’t seem to be up, just the front page, but the storyline is something about childhood allergies, hallucinations, great underwater fire battles, and a hooker mistaken for a nurse. Can be ordered from Off Records, which specializes in similarily bizarre stuff.

Edit to my previous post:

Didn’t see Rhapsody of Fire in the OP’s list

KMFDM, Funker Vogt

And One, Android Lust, E Nomine, :wumpscut:, All:My:Faults, Puscifer, Neon Zoo, The Azoic, Stromkern, White Rose Movement, Type O Negative


kidneythieves, Kemopetrol, Amanda Palmer, Dresden Dolls, Stolen Babies, HorrorPops, Jakalope, Snake River Conspiracy, Vox Vermillion, Chiasm, Ladytron, Darling Violetta, Bat For Lashes, Lizette &,** Hungry Lucy**, theSTART, The Bastard Fairies, The Vincent Black Shadow, Cocteau Twins, Amanda Ghost, Placebo

Nightwish, Razed in Black

Agua de Annique, Dead Can Dance, Epica, Angtoria, Charon, L’Âme Immortelle, Within Temptation, Rasputina, The Birthday Massacre, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, The Romanovs

Sum 41, Blink 182, The Offspring



Godsmack, Morningwood, Lennon, Wolfmother

Particular favorites are those that are bolded.

I find Pandora to be of questionable value for heavy music. Check out instead.

This is not a “wide variety.” You’re not looking for “good” music, you’re looking for more of the same crap you already listen to.

– Someone who’s over 35.

You like Ensiferum and Korpiklaani? You NEED to get Amon Amarth’s new album, Twilight of the Thunder God. It’s extremely good melodic viking/death metal. A little heavier than Ensiferum but more polished and well-produced, IMO. It was my favorite album of 2008. Check out the video to the title track.

You like Rhapsody, Power Quest, and Avantasia? You NEED to get your hands on some Dragonforce! I’d recommend their second album, Sonic Firestorm.

Let me know if you check out either of my recommendations.

Notwithstanding the fact that you have nickelback on your list of fav’s, I am feeling charitable. Have you ever heard of The Supersuckers? will get you to their new stuff, where a youtube search will direct you to the other stuff. You’re welcome.

Taking Nightwish as a starting point (the only one where our tastes meet), check out Lacuna Coil, or if you like to get into a bit more (heavy) prog: Riverside and Porcupine Tree.

EDIT: and Opeth.

Then I suppose your notion of good music contains numerous things that you don’t listen to?

If you enjoy novelty music, the best I know is Spike Jones and the City Slickers.

Corny, but great musicians and really funny.