Newer Music for Older Folks

I often hear people in their 40’s and 50’s saying there is no good music these days, and all the good music is from the 60’s and 70’s or earlier (the generous folks will admit there might have been a few good songs in the 80’s, too). As a 41 year old who loves many modern artists, I think this is a deeply misguided attitude that is causing middle aged people to miss out on some truly talented artists. I thought maybe music recommended by a middle-aged person for middle-aged people might encourage them to give newer music a good try (a native guide, so to speak), so I made a list of current artists/songs that I truly love. The first item is the artist; the second the song(s), the third item the type of music it is.
Alicia Keys; Wreckless Love, Sure Looks Good to Me, Fallin’, A Woman’s Worth, Karma, Heartburn, Lovin U; R & B, pop, motown
Amy Winehouse; Back to Black; Motown
Aqueduct; Growing Up With GNR, The Closest I’ll Ever Come to Naturally Dancing; Rock, pop
Arcade Fire; Keep the Car Running; Pop
Bedouin Soundclash; Back to the Matter, When the Night Feels My Song; Ska
Beyonce; Crazy In Love, Dangerously In Love; Pop, ballad
Black Eyed Peas; Hey Mama, Pump It, They Don’t Want Music; Hip hop, pop, funk
Blonde Redhead; Equus; Pop
Christina Aguilera; Hurt, Candyman, Save Me From Myself, The Right Man; R & B, pop
Coldplay; Clocks; Pop
Colin James; Limelight, Misplaced Heart, Speakeasy, Travellin’; Blues, blues rock
Destiny’s Child; Lose My Breath, Jumpin Jumpin; Pop
Diddy (feat. Christina Aguilera); Tell Me; Hip hop/pop
Evanescence; Call Me When You’re Sober; My Immortal; Rock
Fallout Boy; Dance Dance; Pop
Finger Eleven; One Thing, Paralyzer; Slow rock, rock
Flo-Rida; Low; Hip hop
Franz Ferdinand; Take Me Out; Pop
The Fratellis; Creepin Up The Backstairs, Flathead; Pop
Geoff Byrd; Shrinking Violets; Pop
Green Day; Holiday, Boulevard of Broken Dreams; Rock
Gwen Stefani & Andre 3000; Long Way To Go; Pop
Hot Chip; Just Like We (Breakdown); Electronica
Jack Johnson; Middle Man; Pop
Janet Jackson; All Nite (Don’t Stop); Hip hop/dance
Justin Timberlake; Sexy Back, What Goes Around Comes Around, Cry Me a River, My Love; Hip hop/dance
k-os; Born to Run, Valhalla, CatDiesel, Black Ice, Man I Used to Be, Crabbuckit; Hip hop/rap
The Killers; Mr. Brightside, Somebody Told Me; Pop
Lily Allen; Smile; Pop
Linkin Park; Numb; Pop
Maroon 5; Makes Me Wonder, Wake Up Call, Won’t Go Home Without You, Nothing Lasts Forever, Back at Your Door; Pop
Mobile; Out of My Head; Pop
Modest Mouse; Float On; Pop
Nelly Furtado; Somebody to Love, All Good Things (Come to An End), Say It Right, In God’s Hands, Wait For You; Pop
Panic! At the Disco; I Write Sins, Not Tragedies; Rock
Remy Shand; Take A Message, The Way I Feel, Rocksteady; Pop, motown
Rihanna; Umbrella, Kisses Don’t Lie; Hip hop/dance
Scissor Sisters ; Take Your Mama Out, Filthy & Gorgeous, I Don’t Feel Like Dancing; Pop
Shakira; Hips Don’t Lie; Pop
The Strokes; Juicebox, Heart in a Cage; Rock
Usher; Caught Up, Yeah!; Hip hop
The Vines; Vision Valley, Take Me Back; Rock, slow rock
The White Stripes; Seven Nation Army; Rock
Wolfmother; Woman; Rock

Thanks for the recommendations Featherlou…

I am certainly in the category of “Older Folks who say there is no good music these days” but I am open minded. (Sure I am :wink: )

I would add an amazing artist to your list: Feist… who turns out to be Leslie Feist. Not only a great singer/songwriter but the production values on the songs are remarkable for this era - they are a return to the carefully crafted albums of the late sixties and early seventies with a clean, inventive and tasteful sound. Can’t say enough about this music… just totally surprised and impressed.

I don’t think so, hippie!
Take your noise and get off of my lawn!

-silenus, whose last 3 songs played on iTunes were: Through the Fire and Flames - Dragonforce, Hammer On The Nail - Stone Coyotes, and Path of Thorns - Sarah McLaughlin.

I have heard of multiple Juno award winner Feist (she is basically from Calgary, after all) - have to look into her. Off to Youtube!

I’m not a hippie - the people telling me there is no good music anymore are hippies (sorry, were hippies). :smiley:

I heartily hate most of the genres you listed so I can’t speak to most of them, but I don’t think many 40-50 year olds would like I Write Sins, Not Tragedies by P(!)atD unless they already like emo singing. I like it, but it’s far from the best song on the album (and their followup album, Pretty. Odd. would be a lot more accessible for the 40-50ish crowd, even if I disagree with the evaluation that it’s “totally Beatlesque” given by some NPR world music sound stage host in advertising for his upcoming program with them)

My contribution: Welcome to the Black Parade; My Chemical Romance; Rock. One of the few songs in the past few years that not only became huge but would fit in completely at a Classic Rock station.

But I agree with you on Float On by MM, I can’t see how that song didn’t become one of the top-rated songs of the entire decade.

Out of the ones I know by name, those are all popular songs, to the point where most people will have heard at least a few of them. The music that the older crowd is hearing now is the reason that they’re saying that there’s no good music out there, so I’m not sure that recommending it and similar works is the best way to convince these people that there is good music being made today.

And of course, once you get into Feist, it’s only natural to start looking at some of her labelmates from Arts and Crafts… nothing like homegrown Canadian indie goodness to redeem your faith in music. :slight_smile:

I’d wholeheartedly recommend Stars (start with their second-last album Set Yourself on Fire and go from there) as well as the solo work by Amy Millan, their female lead. And you can’t possibly talk Arts & Crafts without bringing in **Broken Social Scene **(which has counted Feist among its every-changing revolving door of contributors).

You can probably shut the hippies up with !!! (pronounced “chk-chk-chk”). It’s good ol’ fashioned jam-band funk… best experienced in a live show, but still pretty awesome if all you’ve got is the CD.

featherlou, thanks for the recommendations! I’ll definitely check out the list. I already have a few of them (Coldplay, Finger Eleven, Green Day, Gwen Stefani, as well as Feist) on my iPod.

Since I rarely listen to commercial radio, I discover a lot of new artists when they use their songs for TV ads, especially iTunes ads.

My only nitpick with your post: is a 41-year-old really middle-aged? :eek:

–robby (who just turned 40)

P.S. It seems like I was just in my late 20s. Where the heck does the time go? I mean, I’ve been on the SDMB since I was in my early 30s!

Anyone who likes rock should find at least one album by Coheed and Cambria to like.

For the emo kids there’s the first one, Second Stage Turbine Blade. Indie punk with slightly progressive tendencies but literally the whiniest singing I’ve ever heard (from an album I like, that is.)

For the nu-metal crowd there’s In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth:3. Sounds like progressive metal, produced like grunge or nu-metal (but without the hip hop influence mostly implied in the phrase “nu metal”.)

For old school prog-rockers, there’s the latest two albums, Good Apollo, I’m Burning Star IV, and No World for Tomorrow, which sound like classic 70s Pop Prog Rock albums (but produced more modernly of course).

Ohhh! Speaking of jam-band, that reminds me of As Fast As, which sounds like either Elvis Costello or a jam band like (ack!) Dave Matthews, depending on the way you look at it and the song they’re playing. (And I don’t like DMB, really, but I do like As Fast As.)

Good point, and kind of a catch-22 - I wanted to stay accessible so people who have never listened to a rap song they liked before might hear something by k-os and go, “By golly, that’s not half bad!” (cause that’s how old folks talk in my head). I really wanted to have a broad spectrum of newer music represented, so most people who listen to rock and pop could find something worth listening to on the list and possibly stop saying that all current music is crap.

As for 41 being middle-aged, North Americans live to about 80, so yes, my friend, I must regretfully inform you that you are indeed middle-aged. :slight_smile:

I’m old, and I really like the singer (and the song) in the ad with the colorful O’s, or Oooh’s. It sorta reminds me of that Luft Balloons song. (Don’t you laugh at me!) I don’t even know what the ad is for – something small and wired, maybe a phone, maybe an iPod. Anyone know who that is? I’d buy that music.

I’m 33, and here are some I have recently stumbled over:

  1. Anyone who likes Amy Winehouse should check out Duffy, also Mowtown-y. Her breakout hit is “Mercy”, but I’m a fan of the more soulful “Warwick Avenue”.

  2. Katie Grayput out an album in 2006 and was recently featured on Bones with the beautiful “Set Free”. She reminds me of old Shawn Colvin. I’m hoping enough of you check it out that she’ll put out another one.

  3. AuntiePam, I think the song you may be referring to is “You Me And The Bourgeoisie” by The Submarines.

  4. Fisher is a boy-girl band. Beautiful, heartfelt tunes. Listen to “You”.

  5. I recently discovered Whispertown2000 on tour with Jenny Lewis (of Rilo Kiley fame). They also run in the same circle as Jack Johnson’s recent openerMatt Costa. Listen to “The Road.”

  6. Ben Taylor, son of recent Colbert Report guest James Taylor and Carly Simon writes some cutesy John-Meyerlike folk. Try “Wicked Way”.

  7. Last, but not least, Sara Lov! Here’s “Fountain”. Looks like The Cardigans, sounds like a young Sarah McLachlan meets Ingrid Michealson. Another “Bones” find!

Ooh, I like that. It’s not the same song (the ooooo’s are different) but it sounds like the same singer, and it has that same bouncy beat. Very nice. Thanks. :smiley:

Um, I am in my 20s…can I still play?

First I want to quote this for emphasis:

Then mention The Shins, The Decemberists, and The New Pornographers. Check out the albums Chutes Too Narrow, Picaresque, and Mass Romantic from each of these first. The whole albums, take the plunge! Don’t question it, just go buy them, I will wait.

Then based on your list fetherlou check out the following youtube links
Wolf Parade

Magnetic Fields (ignore the strange video)

TV on the Radio (from their brand new album, only weeks old)

There is more, *lots *more great music, but this is the most mainstream poppy stuff.

And let’s not forget Jenny Lewis herself. Her music (solo & with Rilo Kiley) runs a gamut but if this doesn’t make your foot tap, there’s no helping you.

I found my song. It’s Bruises by Chairlift, and the commercial was for the Nano iPod. link.

It’s so catchy!

My dad’s 48. For a few years there, he was stuck in the “current music sucks!” mode, but about a year ago he said that things were turning around. My brother got him into The Decemberists’ album The Crane Wife, particularly the opening track (“Crane Wife 3”). For what it’s worth, I think that’s the best Decemberists album, too. My brother also introduced him to Modest Mouse, and I think he likes a few songs by The Shins. My dad has some Jack Johnson albums as well, but that’s not really my thing. I know there were other things I was surprised about, but I can’t think of any more off the top of my head. I’ve tried getting him into The White Stripes, Spoon and The New Pornographers, but nothing’s taken as far as I know. My dad’s also a big Counting Crows fan, but he has been for 15 years so I don’t think that counts.

Given what he seems to like, he might also like The Kings of Leon ‘Because of the Times’.

Two bands (both of which are really solo artists, but have a “band” name, go figure) that a 20-something turned this 40-something on to earlier this year:

Iron and Wine
Simple Kid

Man would I love to show you guys some (really good) electronica. I´m not talking about the bad club like techno, I´m talking about interesting and rather creative electronic music.

I would love to share some songs, as I tried to do in another thread here, but it is illegal to do so without getting copy right permission from the artist or record label.

The bad news is that even If I reccomended some here, they are very hard to download in main-stream downloading programs.

If anyone is interested, I could search YouTube later (at work my speakers don´t function) to see if I can find a few of the ones I´m talking about, I´m pretty confident I could find 3 or 4 of them.

Let me know if anyone is interested in this.

Oh, and if you like them, we can manage to talk and I can share them with you some other way.