Does anyone have a cell phone they use mostly/strictly for internet access

A friend of mine uses her cell phone for internet access on her laptop alot on nights and weekends. This sounds like a good idea since nowadays a plan with 300 anytime minutes plus unlimited nights & weekends is only about $35 (plus another $20 in fees or so i’m sure).

So does anyone do this, and is it worth it? I always said i’d never get a laptop unless I could get internet access on it and with a cheap cellphone I could actually do that. But only at night, and i’d probably be home at night so it wouldn’t matter anyway. Maybe its not a great idea, but still.

Or I could wait for long range broadband instead of this WiFi stuff that only exists in the library. Are there any other methods of getting internet access on a laptop aside from cell phones and WiFi?

I’m on the internet all day with it. I get all my office work done on the road that way.
As for “worth it”, I guess it must be to somebody, because my office foots the bill.

Well, techinically I am using a cell phone for connection myself. Here we have CDMA technology now. 900Kbps down, 180kbps up. The unit is in effect a mobile phone (it even has a telephone number), but it has no keys nor speaker, just a screen and a few control buttons. It hooks into my laptop through USB. Plan cost is $40/month unlimited connection. I LOVE IT!


I’ve never heard of CDMA, but I went to their website and they said its available in bloomington but I can’t get a price quote. Is $40/month about average cost for that kind of thing?