Does anyone have all the podcast episodes?

The RSS feed for the podcast, which is what iTunes and other podcatchers use to find and download the episodes, only contains the most recent 20 episodes. Most people who have listened since the 20th episode or earlier should have a good chance of having all the old episodes stored on their computer. Is there anyone who would like to make them available? I sent the following message and got the following response from the webmaster:

I found a solution, but I’ll keep the original post up in case someone has the same question. I simply subscribed to the podcast feed ( in Google Reader, and it accesses older episodes somehow that iTunes could not.

We have a podcast?

It’s the best kept secret. You only find out about it when someone has a question or problem with it, then you have to google the link (although wilywampa just posted it).

At least that’s my experience. I’m sure someone will point out a huge banner on the home page advertising it or something and prove me wrong.

top of the right column leads to page to subscribe.

It is?

It’s listed on the front page of the Straight Dope site. “Listen to this week’s Straight Dope podcast” it says in big type. Also right under that a little button that says “Listen here.”

It has its own page on the site.

It’s listed at iTunes.

It’s mentioned at the end of every new Cecil column.

It’s advertised in the weekly Straight Dope mailing.

How could you not notice it?

BTW, this is not a General Questions thing, it’s really more of a … well, it’s really more about the column than anything else, so I’m moving it to “Comments on Cecil’s Columns.”

You are drinking Ska Beer at least, right?

Would if I could — they don’t distribute in any of the three states (MA, FL, IN) that I’ve lived in since the podcast started. I do keep an eye out for it, though, and I’m grateful that they’ve continued to sponsor the podcast for so long.

And using it for experiments, yes.

As a user who only frequents the message boards, this also the first I’ve heard of the podcast. Interesting, but I don’t listen to podcasts less than 20 minutes long. Too much fiddling with my iPod when I’m jogging, biking, etc. Well-produced, though.

Zombifying this thread in the hope that someone has a current answer for the OP’s question. wilywampa’s link no longer functions.