Does anyone have any good creationist resources?

I have put this in General Questions because I’m not at all interested in a debate or people’s opinions of whether there is such a thing as a good creationist resource. The evolution vs creationism debate is one that I’ve decided to approach with a totally open mind, and therefore I’d like to read the best of both sides so that I can not only make up my mind, but be able to convincingly argue whatever I decide.

I’ve come across numerous excellent websites supporting evolution, but they are all completely dismissive of the creationist viewpoint. I would be very grateful if anybody who is either also open minded, or a believer in creationist science, could provide what they believe to be the best researched and written websites or books that argue the case against evolution.

To put my question in perspective, I am a religious person, but one who doesn’t like to accept that something is true “just because it is” or because “the other side is clearly full of baloney (although I don’t have any evidence of that)”.

Thanks a lot in advance.

You might try Answers in Genesis. They’ve recently published a rebuttal to Scientific American’s rather lame critique of Creationism.


for a set of links.

I am suprised you had any difficultly. My guess is that there are more creation sites than evoloution sites

Thanks Libertarian and scm1001 - I’ve checked these links and they were what I was after.

What constitutes a good resource is necessarily a matter of opinion, so I’ll move this to IMHO.

I’m glad you found what you were looking for, HenrySpencer. Let me know if you find a good resource for fighting ignorance.

Forwarded for your reading enjoyment.
From Newsgroups:, - Firmament Above
(Atlantean Perspective) - Earths Magnetic Stucture - A Science Page
for Kids to learn More… -“Greenhouse
View” Regarding Dino’s

  • Pre-Flood Atmospheric Pressure - Studies in Increased Atmosphere Applications - Effect of
Increased Atmosphere in Medical Apps - What is Hyperbaric Oxygen? - Oxygen Therapy - Oxygen in the Fight against Cancer - Larger Animals and
Plants?? - Biosphere
Research in Atmospheric Pressure - Carbon Dating

  • Science and the Bible - The Creation Model Lessons - Is radiocarbon dating reliable? - The Radiometric Dating Game - Age Dating the Earth - Carbon 14 Dating - The Great Dinosaur Mistake - How accurate is Carbon-14 dating? - Assumptions of Radiometric
Dating - Dating
of Time in Evolution - 2 -
How accurate is Carbon-14 dating? - (Athiest Source) - Section
2:1 - Living Mollusk 3000 year fossil - 17
Evidences Against Evolution - The Age
of the Earth - Out-of-Place
Fossils - Radiometric Dating

As for the reading you will have to do it yourself… Many of the
online articles reporting the Live Mollusk incident are no longer
available and those I have not included… These are offline due to
their age… I guess they are to old for radiometric 14C Dating… As
for the Pre flood earth conditions and the firmament above, it’s here,
but I am not going to read it to you… that you must do on your
own… Remember that no matter what YOU say “In the Beginning GOD…”

I shake my head at the links Libertarian and Robert Richards provided, I admittedly didn’t read them all–but put me down as an “athesist” who dosen’t buy the science they cite (the links I read are not the exemplars of impersonal science research they claim to disparage, but quote examples that further their “hypothesis”.

I found the justification of their lack of publication in REAL scientific journal lacking.

I ask: is the lack of Creationist literatue due to what I consider (and more guys than me) a lack of evidence? The problem with the internet is that anybody can post a Webpage–are you getting your info from some 6th graders website?

A good site which, to my mind, presents a fair assessment of a variety of topics (mostly fairly comprehensive book reviews), both creationist (with multiple flavors thereof) and evolutionist, is Was Darwin Wrong?

I don’t have any particular web sites to recommend, but you might want to include “intelligent design” in your keyword search. It might bring up some more intesting and intelligent debates.

Not one’s I agree with but more intelligent : ) .

The best list of creationist web sites is, tellingly enough, on…

I lost count around 150…
I find it amusing that evolutionists have no problem linking creationist sites, but a creationist sites that link evolution sites are extremely rare…

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