Does anyone have experience with Sea Eagle inflatable boats?

I will have soon owned my Sevylor Fish Hunter 360 inflatable boat for a year now. (That description ridiculously states that it’s a “6 person boat.” Maybe if those six people are 10-year-old dwarves.) This boat served me very well for the summer when I bought it. However, when I took it out of storage last month and inflated it, it had sprung several small leaks. I went to great lengths to patch the holes properly, and then seemingly as soon as I had done so, I found more little holes. The vinyl skin of the boat seems to be very weak and flimsy, though I initially thought it was quite durable at first. I am sick of repeatedly patching it. I am just going to upgrade to a better boat.

I am interested in Sea Eagle boats, as these seem to be more ruggedly constructed. Specifically the SE-9 is the one I will probably wind up getting. There doesn’t seem to be too much discussion of this specific boat online. Does anyone here have experience with it?

If so: how does the thickness of the rubber compare with Sevylor boats? What is “polykrylar” and how is it different from PVC? Can two people sit comfortably in the SE-9?

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samclem, Moderator

No, but yes with a Sillinger inflatable. I think ours was a 4 man built for 2 :p.

warning anecdote ahead:

The Sillinger was our first boat, had no truck no trailer, we were landlocked and drove subcompact cars, but the Sillinger fit on top and the boat motor was in the hatchback. I shudder to remember the time we blithely motored through Port Everglades, there must have been 6ft wakes rolling through the passage, then we trolled near a submarine back in port, twice we risked our lives that day! I gues we looked too ridiculous to shoot.:wink:

It was great for skimming through the mangrove flats…

I’ve been boating for 20 years and I’ve never met anyone who was was satisfied with a Sevylor; on the other hand, I’ve never met anyone who wasn’t satisfied with any product from These Guys.