Does anyone here have personal experience with testicular cancer?

First, let me state that I am not seeking medical advice. Someone very dear to me was recently diagnosed with testicular cancer and is currently being treated. During the past few weeks, I’ve learned more about it than I had ever dreamed, but I’m interested in hearing from somebody with first- or second-hand experience. I’ve visited – and posted to – numerous cancer message boards, but… Oh, I’m not very eloquent right now! Please feel free to e-mail me privately or post a response here. His prognosis, btw, is excellent, but the treatment sucks so badly!

An important side note: Although it’s very rare, Testicular Cancer is the number one cancer in men ages 15-40. There are thousands of you reading this right now who fit that demographic, and I urge you to seek medical attention if you have any suspicious lumps. This website contains a ton of information:

I have a cousin who had it for over a year before he even realized it was a problem… One day in med school, it was mentioned in one of his classes, and stopped by after class to mention to his prof that he’d had a lump for a while. He’s since been completely cured, but it cost him-- He’s now running on his spare. I once found a lump in my scrotum myself (one of the biggest scares I’ve ever had), but thankfully, it turned out to just be a benign cyst.

Guys, this really is a serious condition, but if it’s caught in time, you’ve got a 99+% chance of survival. If you’re quick enough to seek treatment, it can usually even be cured without needing to remove one. Early detection is easy: Once a month or more, just feel around both of the boys (easiest if you’ve just had a hot shower and they’re hanging down). If you find a lump, or anything that wasn’t there the last time you checked, see a doctor. Don’t be embarassed; they’ve seen it before. Besides, your life and your future reproductive capability are in your hands.

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