Testicle self-exams: just do it!

Took WV_Man to the ER today because he’s had um, a problem of testicular nature since Monday.

Beforehand I got online and researched testicular cancer just so I’d know what to expect if he did turn out to have a tumor. Best I can tell, TC, as far as cancers go, isn’t a bad one to have: 99% curable if they catch it in time.

So they drew lots of blood and did an ultrasound and turns out it’s something called epididymitis.

Guys, please, please, PLEASE do self-exams on your testicles every month! I’m serious. If my husband HAD been diagnosed with cancer today, it would have been caught very early and he would have been fine.

If you have one that hurts, don’t go into denial and ignore it for months. Go to the doctor and get it checked out. Do it for yourself, your moms, your wives, your girlfriends, daughters, sons … whatever. Just do it!

AMEN! I don’t understand what the big deal about self-exams are anyway. What’s up with that?

Men should be grateful that they don’t have to have their testicles smashed beyond all recognition in a machine that takes an x-ray.

So what’s the specific procedure for a proper self exam?

Man, the rest of the computer lab is looking at me funny.

I’d like to point out that my friend who had testicular cancer was in no pain beforehand. He had noticed that one had gotten bigger but he said it didn’t hurt at all.

Just in case someone thinks if it doesn’t hurt, it must be fine.

Gaaaahhh, I hate cancer.

Yeah, be grateful if you can catch it early, and only have to have one removed. My dad did about 30 years ago, and he’s still here. The problem is if it’s spread to the lymph nodes. Remember that Lance Armstrong was given a very slim chance of even living, IIRC, because it had actually reached his brain!

Good idea, OP.

How to do the test

Speaking as someone who had a scare. DO IT.

Luckily my lump was a harmless hydrocele. What a fun operation that was :eek:

Any excuse to say hello to the boys is a good one IMO.

I know this is a serious subject, but this line made me laugh out loud:

Hope everything turns out OK for your husband.

Thank you for my best laugh of the day!!!

Back to the OP - I seem to recall on a call-in show that the featured doctor suggested partners examine each other - I guess the theory being that the exam would be very thorough, plus it could be fun to boot. Goodness knows my husband doesn’t like to speed thru the breast exam.

Which further reminds me - I heard a recommendation that men do breast self-exams also - apparently breast cancer doesn’t discriminate against manboobs.

OK, I’m done.

The last time I had a full medical exam was three years ago; I was 31.

My doctor had three concerns:

  1. Checking my skin for any evidence of skin cancer.

  2. Performing an exam of my testicles for testicular cancer.

  3. (Because I was/still am single) So he wanted to remind me to always use a condom when having sex.

He was quite serious about the testicular exam due to the fact that that type of cancer is most common among men in that age group. As much as I HATE medical exams, I was very happy I had it done.

Global Citizen

I found this link a while ago, it used to link to a mens cancer information site, but they were asked to remove the link. I think the link is still cool enough to spread to all your mates lads.
Check it out :slight_smile: This is probably not safe for work.


I think it strikes just the right tone of humor/seriousness to reach guys on a rather sensitive and taboo topic. Feel free to send it to all your mates. Handy way to alert your buddies to the idea of checking their nuts, without just mentioning it out of nowhere.

Good ice-breaker :slight_smile:

Indeed, my uncle died of breast cancer.

SoYouWanna perform a testicular self-examination?

[sub](From SoYouWanna)[/sub]

I dont wanna! God damnit what if I find something. If I dont exam I wont find anything!! Dont you people know anything…

Dont you people know anything??

and fer fucksake I got Manboobsaplenty also…