Does anyone here know anyone personally who has been diagnosed, or has been yourself?

My aunt(age 78) had it and appears to have recovered.

My friend from work’s Mother had it. She died.

My uncle died from Covid yesterday. Entire family caught it (him, wife, both kids). The others recovered with few problems, he ended up on a ventilator. Yesterday, due to lack of brain activity, they turned it off. Funeral’s next week, but only immediate family will be there.

Here’s the odd part. Several days ago it appeared he was much better, and docs thought they might be able to reduce dependence on the machine gradually. Then things went south really fast and it was all over.

On top of this, his only sister (my Mom) has Alzheimer’s and the associated memory issues. We can’t tell her her brother has died because she’d have to relearn it every day. That would be unspeakably cruel, so we’re all trying to go on as though nothing has happened.

Crap, this sucks.

Almost identical to chizzuk’s and Eva_Luna’s relations above. There definitely seems to be a recurring pattern of seeming slow improvement followed by a very rapid and terminal decline.

Very sorry for your loss.

Thank you.

My daughter’s boyfriend’s mother got a positive diagnosis last week.

Very sorry for your loss; and also for the difficulties associated with your sister’s condition.

When I had to make the phone call to tell my uncle (in another country) that my mother, his sister, had died: although he was already part way into dementia, he must have suspected what I was calling about. He refused to let me say anything, but as soon as he heard my voice said more or less ‘no, no, don’t try to talk to me, I’m giving the phone to [his partner]’ and handed the phone off. I left it to his partner to decide if and what to tell him.

My mother-in-law, who has been in a long-term memory care facility for about a month now, tested positive last week. Caught it from another patient who caught it from…who knows. Staff has all tested negative, so it probably came from family visiting another patient. (Nobody is allowed in, but they have an outside patio area for visits.) MIL appears to be asymptomatic, but is being quarantined in her room for a couple weeks. My wife got tested since she has been visiting her mom almost daily. Her test came back negative, yay!

A friend I made in Northern Italy passed away 2 weeks ago from Covid-19. She was in her early 40’s, had a Doctorate in Astrophysics and worked for Eurospace. Hadn’t seen her in years but we were still in contact on Facebook. It’s a tragic loss for me as she was really cool.

My aunt died from COVID last night. She was 100 years old, and had been in the hospital three weeks. A truly wonderful lady whose mind was razor-sharp up to the end.

Her son, who lived with her, also had COVID, and also had been hospitalized.

Very sorry for your losses.

Wish there were something more useful I could say.

My daughter’s direct manager and his wife (who also works in the same grocery department) tested positive Wednesday.
In the same department is a woman who was just diagnosed with lung cancer a few weeks ago and a mother with an immunocompromised infant.
The only way she found out is the manager’s wife texted her. So far nothing heard from upper management.