Does anyone here know anyone personally who has been diagnosed, or has been yourself?

For me, the answer is no, although there have been only 3 confirmed cases in my metropolitan area of 400,000, and none of them were residents of the county in which they were diagnosed. :confused:

I actually wonder if I may have had it a few months ago. I had a “cold” that lasted a few days and wasn’t very severe, and then it went away, and then it came back a couple days after that, which is apparently how this disease often operates. Other people have told similar stories, or had febrile illnesses with a negative influenza test.

My brother in law.


I wish him a mild illness and a speedy recovery.

I just hopped over to Facebook and saw a post from my cousin stating that her son and daughter, who are both about 30 years old, are both sick, as are their SOs. (Her son lives in the Bay Area and her daughter in the southeast; I’ve never met either of them.) None of them have been able to get definitive tests because they just aren’t available :mad: but her daughter’s boyfriend was sent home on nasal oxygen because they don’t want him in, as she put it “a petri dish of a hospital.” She also said that her son has not been that sick, breathing- or GI-wise, but he’s had this bone-crushing fatigue for about 2 weeks.

Please pray if you do that, or think good thoughts if you don’t. :frowning:

I have it. I haven’t been tested, but I have all the symptoms. I’m still breathing okay, but if that gets worse, I’ll have to see a doctor. I hope this is as bad as it gets. I get tired very quickly if I do anything, and I think it’s going to take a while to recover.

A friend who is a home health nurse just tested positive. My sister and BIL are in the same situation and location as NWH’s cousin’s kids; they had an appointment with their doc via telehealth who told them they likely have it but he can’t get them tested because of the lockdown and the lack of tests. My BIL is in multiple high-risk categories so my sister is watching him closely.

My husband was likely exposed; he’s felt poorly the last few days, as have I, but there’s no way we’d be able to get a test unless we were hospitalized. So we’re playing a waiting game at the moment and comparing symptoms with sis and BIL.

I also have a former coworker who is on Day 20 of what she’s pretty sure is COVID, but again no test is available for her.

Huh. Given that the first case was ID’d in China in December, I assume it’s not possible for me to have had it a few months ago. But now that you mention it, my SO, me, and several people around us had a “flu” that went away and came back. Almost certainly coincidence, but interesting.

Thank you. He’s about 10 days in. Still febrile and some pain breathing but managing at home.

Best recoveries to all of those of us and their loved ones who become ill with this … this might become a long thread.

A friend says she and her husband came down with something nasty and flulike as they returned home from overseas travel, so they wonder.

It’d be interesting to see what percentage of illnesses whose symptoms fit covid-19 actually are covid-19.

An elderly man who I used to babysit for, is in the hospital with COVID. I haven’t seen him in many years, but my parents are still in touch with him, and he still attends the same church.

He smoked > 40 years, and only stopped after his heart attack 2 years ago.

A friend who was returning home to a Caribbean island. No testing available, but her description of symptoms seems accurate.

Luckily no one in my inner circle has reported being sick. I’ve been dealing with more everyday at work.

Yes, several. My best friend from HS’s mom went on a trip to Seattle about a month ago. She visited my friend right after in AZ. After she left, she got very sick and so did my friend’s whole family. She went home and visited his brother. His whole family is sick now. Her husband, who has some respiratory issues got very sick and had to go to the ER, tested positive for Corona. So that’s a total of 11 people (at least) who all got it from one carrier. The coronavirus news was all coming out in the public just before her husband got really sick and had to go to the ER so much of it happened before the public was informed.

My wife’s cousin’s family in Nashville TN was exposed to it through school. The whole family is sick, mom got tested positive.

Maybe… My favourite cousin’s husband is very ill with a respiratory condition. He also has a long term chronic condition requiring kidney dialysis. He is not expected to survive. He has tested negative for COVID19 but they are retesting. I am very worried for my cousin who lives a long way away.

I’m getting reports from all over today, of friends, relatives, former neighbors, colleagues turning positive. So in the last 36 hours or so I’ve gone from knowing 2 personally up to over 20.

A college friend of my SO has died from COVID, a member of our fire department came up positive for it and the Chief exposed and self isolating pending testing and symptoms.

A former work colleagues’ wife is now self isolating, so the rest of the family are having to to the same - not had the test so it is precautionary, its possible that it is nothing more than cold or different strain of flu

There’s been word on the street that it may have been going around the Toronto theatre community in December. So maybe it was out there (North America?) earlier than thought.
Just speculation, nothing proven yet.

Trying like hell not to get it. I’ve been out twice in the past 10 days and starting to get cabin fever, but it’s for the best that I stay in and minimize trips outside. I live in a large apartment building.

Trying like hell not to get it. I’ve been out twice in the past 10 days and starting to get cabin fever, but it’s for the best that I stay in and minimize trips outside. I live in a large apartment building.