Is everyone ailing? Sickos, share the misery.

Roomies sick. Friends sick. Neighbors sick. I’m sick.

We’re all sick of it. This crap has been going on for weeks.

We’ve all got some version of the creeping crud: coughing, blowing, allergies, colds, flu, bronchitis.

Mine was actually brought on by the wildfires in Glendora, CA–all that ash set off some severe allergic rhinitis. Couldn’t breathe through my swollen sinuses, got Flonase and prednisone, nasal strips, neti pot, went out of town the next day and immediately started with the bronchitis infected slime/goo, came back from trip and got Augmentin. Damn, that stuff is hard on the gut.

I’ve gone through a forest’s worth of Kleenex and a pond’s worth of water in the humidifier, gobs of Vicks vaporub, a bag of cough drops, lotsa fluids.

I’d also had surgery in December, so that might have left things in a weaker condition than normal.

Jump in here and commiserate if you have the energy.

Nope, haven’t been sick in quite a while, but Mother Nature never lets me get through the year without some kind of cold getting to me. As I said, it’s been a while, and I’ve been feeling a little odd for the past week. It’s coming. :frowning:

I’m already whingeing in IMHO, so to do it here as well would be REALLY whingeing.

Recuperating from ENT surgery on 16/01/2014, I needed to shave my legs…bending over in the shower I slipped a disc in my lower back (again). Two days later, I was in such agony that an ambulance was called and spent another day and night in hospital.

Last Thursday (30/01) I had a colonoscopy scheduled, so on Wednesday had to do all the prep stuff and ended up being violently ill (with the effects still being felt today, Saturday).

My nose is great though (yay for NOSEY doctors) and my back is behaving itself (mostly). So I think I’m finally on the mend…touch wood. They do say that things go in threes, yes?


We must be just about neighbors, although the smoke didn’t bother me much. It does seem to have been a bad cold/flu season so far. We all got our flu shots and so far no-one in my family has been too sick yet.

Oh shuddup with your flus and colds…we’ve got record-breaking heatwaves here!

I kid, I kid


I have yet to be classified as sick, but I have been tired, run down, and “feeling like I’m starting to come down with something” for about 5 weeks now. Seriously, I almost wish I would get good and sick for a couple of days and then recover instead of feeling like this with no change in sight.

There’s a stomach bug going around my family. Dry heaves are no fun. I’ve lost five pounds!
It hit me like a ton of bricks on Wednesday. I’m not vomiting anymore, thankfully, but I’m still not back to normal. I have no appetite.

I hope you all feel better soon. Rhiannon, maybe you should get checked by your dr.

Just now starting to feel right! Was overseas, mostly on the beach, but spent a week with friends in Singapore, before returning home two weeks ago. They were all sick over Christmas, but when we arrived the three really only had a dry hacking cough remaining.

It was a whirlwind week, tons of fun and good food, and I took the precaution of gargling with salt water before bed every night. After a few days it looked like we were going to skate by without catching it.

Then the day before we would spend 30 hrs hard travel time, getting home, I awoke feeling sick as a dog. My sinus(s) were infected, my head was clogged, and I felt like crap!

But what can you do? Only onward, that’s what. Plus we left in the tiny hours of the morning, so we were awake many hours before the clock started on the 30hrs. Yikes!

It wasn’t pleasant but I managed it pretty well, all thing considered. I wasn’t vomiting, thank goodness, but the air pressure changes were nightmarish, and my head pounded. We were both in pretty good shape until the 2.5 hr mini bus ride, to our city, from the Toronto airport, it just did us in! We arrived finally at our house terribly dishevelled and a little punch drunk too, from lack of sleep.

The dog walker was just leaving as we pulled up and came in to greet us, etc. I’m pretty sure I gave him, in those few short minutes, whatever foreign contagion I cared home. He was wicked sick the next day!

I was at my Dr, for something else, day after arrival, and she gave me some antibiotics, (which she rarely does, I was a tad surprised!), and told me to stay in and lay low until I was better.

Which I did, putting off seeing several people, sleeping off my jet lag and trying to readjust from +30 degrees Celsius, to -30 Celsius, and from super humid to furnace blasting Sahara dry! Who knew a person could sleep so much? I swear all I did was sleep for three days or more.

Here I am exactly two weeks later and only just now really starting to feel human again. Time to stop hibernating, bundle up, and get on with it.

(My friends are getting a lot of joy from asking me, “What’s the matter? You cold?” Yes, yes I am! Because it’s freaking freezing. I don’t care that it was colder, earlier in the season! Stop telling me that! It’s cold now! And if it warms up 20 degrees? It’s still going to be freezing! And I’m still gonna be cold!)

I caught some strain of the flu a few weeks ago. It wasn’t nearly as bad as the SDMB led me to believe all flus were (the old “if I drop a hundred dollar bill by your bed and you have the strength to get up and get it, it’s not the flu” bit), but it took me out for 3 days with a moderate fever of up to 102.5. Went to the doc and he said “not much we can do about it now. Did you get your flu shot this year?” Of course, I did not. My wife, thankfully, did and managed to avoid it, while the rest of my immediate family (brother, mother, father) wound up with it within a week or so of each other.

I hope I won’t catch something by being in this thread.

Sick people, I hope you’ll all recover soon.

Got sick back around the New Year, and dammit if I ain’t sick again already.

Well, so far this one isn’t half as bad as the other one. Just a head cold so far. Last time it was a chest cold, and I had about 4 sleepless nights hacking my head off. Still, no fun to be sick!

Ah. Let’s see. I’ve missed the last six weeks of work because I’ve been sick. My grandson had a whooping-type cough which he thoughtfully passed on to me, and when I have a coughing fit, I pass out. I went to the Clinic and they gave me antibiotics, and I suppose I’m on the mend, but I still pass out occasionally, and have fallen three times. My energy level is kaput, so I haven’t even been up to participating on the Bible Study threads here.

I get the flu shot every year, got the Tdap booster, got the meningococcus vaccine. Unfortunately, we can’t immunize against everything. Something always slips through.

I’ve had issues with kidney stones (and complications thereof) for the past month and a half. It’s finally clearing up, but this period has been about the worst I’ve ever felt in my whole entire life. About all I can say is that I’m glad I haven’t picked up the flu as well.

I hate to say it but I have not had a cold in 7 years and I have not had the flu in 21 years. I teach at the college level and I am exposed to hundreds of people every day. You could not pay me enough money to get a flu shot.
Hope y’all are feeling better soon!

We’ve been sick for the last month and it has been horrid. Right after New Year’s we all got a stomach bug and spent a few days spewing uncontrollably, which unfortunately meant my diabetic husband couldn’t keep anything in his system and ended up in the emergency room. Shortly after that my daughter caught a chest cold, which she then gave to my husband, which he then gave to me, which then went nuts and turned into bronchitis in my lungs. I love having a toddler but I hate all the germs they bring home.

I had the sniffles for a week before Christmas, but, since I had no other symptoms and didn’t feel all that bad, I just assumed it was allergies. After all, I was stirring up all sorts of dust and dog hair packing up one house and remodeling the other. And then it hit: the flu. Christmas Eve. And then hit the rest of the family to varying degrees. (Mild cases for the babies, a couple of bad days for the bigger kids, the Man Flu for my poor helpless husband.) Took a long couple of weeks for me to not feel exhausted.

The Big Moving Weekend was slated for January 16-18, since the kids would have 3 days off for MLK day. Naturally, a massive gastrointestinal bug hit on the 15th. This time, it was mostly me and Girl 2.0. It sucks when one must position a basin in front of the loo because both ends are voiding.

Finally better, but I have so much catching up. Both houses went to hell while I was sick. I finished cleaning and clearing the rental yesterday, finally, and the new place is a disaster of boxes and paint cans and unhung doors and incomplete projects.

I had pharyngitis and missed three days of work a couple of weeks ago, and I’m still coughing. I hate going to the urgent care, because I always seem to get the asshole doc there. I seem to be getting better slowly, so I am really procrastinating about it. It doesn’t help that we got 5 inches of snow over the last couple of days and I just don’t want to leave the house. Bleargh!

I had a bad cold a couple of weeks ago that came with a really annoying hacking cough. I get the odd sniffle every year, being an idiot smoker, but this felt bad compared to most. I am glad that the local chemist sells Robitussin - that stuff works miracles.

Caught a head cold. Which is sort of annoying since I’ve barely been in the same room with another human being all week, so its kinda hard to see where I’ve caught it from.

Also annoying since its just barely not bad enough that I can’t justify staying in bed till I feel better.