Does anyone here know anyone personally who has been diagnosed, or has been yourself?

Every time I hear someone who is dismissive because the say it primary affects the elderly or those with comorbidities I can’t help but hear them saying, “%#%# those guys.” My mother, a former nurse, doesn’t think that pandemic is serious, and that the “overreaction” is some communist plot to take way our freedom, sent me a text yesterday with information about how some study shows that transmissions in schools are super rare. I said, “That’s nice. Susan’s father died last week. Covid.”

I don’t know. Ignoring the disparity in age groups is probably the bigger falsehood. I was blown away when a seemingly well informed poster here had no clue about how much higher the death rate was for the elderly.

Cousin’s boyfriend got an allergy shot on Monday, and that evening he thought he was having a reaction the shot, and went out to dinner with my cousin and another couple.

Next day, Tuesday, he had a Covid test as per the normal schedule and found out he was positive. The other couple also tested positive.

My cousin? She’s already had both doses of the Pfizer vaccine. So far she’s still negative.

My wife, best friend, uncle, and cousin have all had it. Don’t think any have been hospitalized. I’ve been working, going to school (virtual), working out, running errands, and most of the usual life things this whole time and I’ve never been noticeably sick and have tested negative so far. I’ll keep getting tested every 2 weeks and hope if I do come up positive that I’m non symptomatic at the time.

A good friend and her girlfriend has it. My friend is asymptomatic but has been taking care of girlfriend so must have caught it, or was already immune from having had it and not knowing. The girlfriend is on day 9 of fever and general hellish feeling, but the oxygen meter says she’s not in danger at this time.

I live abroad on a tiny little island in South Korea, so I haven’t been exposed. However, a dancer friend back in California blogged her experience with it and she looked and sounded awful. She seems to be better now, though she doesn’t post as often as she used to.
Two other friends work in medicine and have seen patients with it, of course, but neither much talks about it.