Does anyone know a good Pub in New York?

That has two chairs at the bar free around the 21st to the 28th Of August, and is capable of supplying plentiful amounts of Guinness?

Start spreading the news, because Yojimbo and Myself are planning to return New York to prohibition by drinking it dry.

Would anyone be interested in helping?
These dates are variable at the moment, will update when we have our bookings.

This is just a prelim to see who would be around for a few light cocktails and discussions of Wittgenstein. *
*[sub]this is what I will be telling the Lawyers. Its my story and I’m sticking to it.[/sub]

I shall be in NYC on the 16th of August for the weekend. I’ll be in Philly at that time, which is about an hour and a bit by train. I might be around, but I don’t know who Wittgenstein is.

I’d be delighted to take a train up and say hi. Be forewarned: this may turn into a MegoMetropoMochaChocoNewYorkDope of unprecendented proportions!

Count me in. I seem to remember a nice pub where dancing on the bar is allowed and pitchers were but $5. If someone who was sober that night could remind me of the name, it would be much appreciated.

The most classis karmaic Irish Pub in NYC is McSwiggans on 2nd Avenue and 23rd Street. The staff is super friendly, hot women at night, open till 4:00 every night, guiness done right, and ususallly me at the corner. Cheap drinks and specials every day. Of course, there are tons of great bars and I bounce around, but in the end all roads lead to McSwiggans. I’ll chill with you kids if you’re down.

DaLovin’ Dj

I’ll be there. I still feel guilty as shit for not getting together with you guys when I was in Dublin, so the first round’s on me.

When it comes down to it, as long as there is a bar, we’re happy.

If we can get a huge fest going, the more the merrier.

Will you pack me in your suitcase and take me toooooooooo?

“You can’t have a Guinness. See, this is a microbrewery:smiley:

Have fun, lads, wish I could join you in the CrossBorder BeerFest.

I’m looking forward to this.

It’ll be sooo cool as not a lot of Irish people have gone to New York so we’re being very original :wink:

dalovindj that sound about right and Ike I’ll get the 2nd one.

"Well, go back there and Microbrew me up a batch of Guinness. And get a bowl of pretzels out here too, shithead.

Pull up your pants."

Well, shoot, I feel guilty as shit because you guys wouldn’t let me pay for any drinks when I was in Dublin, and I’ve never been to New York properly (i.e. while over twenty-one and not for a funeral). I’ll have to check my finances, but I’m quite tempted.

Guys, I’m sorry to tell you that there are absolutely no good pubs in New York, and that the import of Guiness into New York has been strictly prohibited since September 11.

[sub][sup]Manny, Ike, vix, Oxy, Sua, Pucette, Eve: Quick, start going long on brewery stocks before they find out the truth[/sup][/sub]

I’ll start drinking lots of water now, shall I?

And Advil. Lots of Advil.

Smoking is allowed in bars in NY isn’t it?

Fretful it would be great to see you again. Hope you can make it :slight_smile:

Starting tonight.

Wow. This is going to be fun! Trout, can you pass me the Advil when you’re done? I can already feel the headache…

PS Yojimbo, our bars are some of the best and smokiest. No worries there.

Agreed. In fact, Pucette, shall we geta head start on this tomorrow?