NYC in 24 hours. What, Where, When.

This Wednesday morning my buddy and I are taking the bus into NYC to partake in ‘Whisk(e)yfest’. For three hours Wednesday night we will be able to sample whiskeys from 50-60 different distillers. Each distiller will have 2-4 different ‘expressions’ of their product, i.e. 12 year old, 15 year old, 30 year old etc. There are few places on this earth that I’d rather be during that time. However, it certainly seems to me that one cannot go into the city and drink like a madman and then hiberate in my hotel room
until its time to go home again. So, I’m looking for suggestions from some urban dopers. It’s only a two hour run into the city so we’ll get there early in the afternoon. Any favorite places for a late lunch in manhattan? From 6:30 to 9:30 we’re at the Marriott Marquis
on Broadway to sample the ‘water of the gods’. Then what? I heard Connelly’s downtown has a house band. I’d really like to hear some good celtic/celtic rock. Help!

I don’t live anywhere near New York, but I hear that the Mars 21 Cafe is really interesting. Tavern on the Green sounds nice, too, but I’ll bet that it’s really expensive and you’d probably need reservations.

I’m a big fan of the ethnic neighborhoods. Chinatown and Little Italy border eachother, you’ll DEFINATELTY find something you like in one of those.

Post something in MPSIMS, I’m sure at least one of the NYC Dopers would be up for drinks/food. They’re a partyin’ bunch.

You probably won’t be able to hear any bands playing in the afternoon on a weekday, but you never know. I’ll ask some of my social sources for Irish bar info.

Restaurants in Midtown, hmmm. There’s a great Japanese restaurant on 49th and 7th Ave. that Uke and I go to a lot. The Pig and Whistle pub is a charming off the wall place in Times Square that’s not a chain. I think it’s on 47th Street. There are a lot of good delis and such in the neighborhood, too. PLEASE don’t go to TGIF or someplace like that.

If I was you, I’d go to the Russian Vodka Room on 52nd between Broadway and 8th. In fact, I can meet you for after-work drinks at five! I love that place. They have things like steak tar tar and borscht and everything comes with mayonaise and eggs.

Swiddles is right! Just wander around that area and look for something that appeals to you. Definately go in some of the asian markets and look around- there are some very different food items in there, and are definately worth checking out. On the corner of grand and bowrey, there is a restaurant (237 grand is the name and address, I think) that has the best Hot and Sour Soup I have ever tasted.

For a more low-brow approach to your late lunch, I would recommend P.J. Carney’s Pub on 7th Avenue and 58th Street. It’s a great little tavern and their menu offers decent burgers, club sandwiches, salads, etc. There is no live music there, but the mostly Irish staff should be able to direct you to what’s going on music-wise later in the evening.

Also, you might like to check out for live music event listings.

Have a fun trip!

If you walk over to 9th ave, in the area of the fifties there are a lot of little places to eat. If you want to do Lady Liberty go very early in the morning. If you get on the first boat over you get to walk right up to the top and get to hang out in the head for a while. (but after sampling the whiskey you may not want to get up in early in the morning) Walk across the Brookly Bridge from the brooklyn side. (take the a or c to High ST) When you get off the bridge you will see a church to your left. At one time that church was the tallest building. Then walk over and check out the lobby of the Woolworth building.

See my ideas from this old thread:

Feel free to post any Qs you may have. Enjoy your trip!

Faces and Names is a nice cozy little bar. And Bleeker Street is great for record shops, if you’ve got a music habit to feed.

Since stuyguy covered so many points of interest amazingly well in the archived thread, I’ll confine myself to the food part.

As far as lunch goes, if you want to stick to midtown, it depends on what your wallet can handle. If you like Greek, Molyvos on 7[sup]th[/sup] between 55[sup]th[/sup] and 56[sup]th[/sup] is fun, not overwhelming, but fun. If you get a seat by the window in the bar you can watch everyone walking by, a treat not to be missed, even if they’re a little more sedate than the Village. It’s not even hugely expensive (comparatively). The Oyster Bar in the Plaza Hotel is nice, and you can go across the street to FAO Schwartz and wander around in there, it’s a little touristy but still kind of overwhelming. (Although that may just be one of my personal traditions peeking through.)

Being part of the ‘bridge and tunnel’ crowd, and an import at that, I hesitate to overtly contradict SaxFace, but if you want Russian and aren’t too picky about it’s utter authenticity, go to Petrossian’s, 58[sup]th[/sup] and 7[sup]th[/sup]. It’s a bit pricey but oh, god… It’s worth every penny.

If you really want to go all out Lespinasse, in the St. Regis Hotel on 55[sup]th[/sup] between 5[sup]th[/sup] and Madison, is one of the best in the city and they do a $46 prix-fixe that is supposed to be one of the best bargains in the city.

If you don’t want to go upscale, I was introduced to the best burger in NYC at McHale’s at 46[sup]th[/sup]and 8[sup]th[/sup]. It’s a dive, but it may have the best burgers I’ve ever eaten, and they’re huge. And, as an added bonus, you can get the most amazing mix of patrons.

I thought I was going to stick to Midtown, but i can’t resist. If you’re going downtown, stop in to Fanelli on Prince St. and Mercer. Great pub fare and exceptional burgers. Just an all around cool place to visit.

I was just at Mars 2112. Well, I was escorting my 12 year old daughter and her friend to a meet and greet the “stars of the WB”.

It’s very, um, theme parky. There’s a bar and a gameroom and a huge dining area. There’s a simulator ride that you can take before you actually enter the restaurant.
If you like themes, the ESPN lounge is on 42nd and Broadway. The Times Square Brewery in nice if you like packed, loud places. There used to be a Great American Bikini Bar on Lexington and 44th. I think that’s gone now.

Geez----so many choices. I know, what did I expect? One thing I didn’t make too clear. I was kinda looking for a place to hear some music after whiskyfest. I figure it’ll be about 9:30-10:00 pm when we’re done and I if I had a spot already picked out… ah, well hell, who knows what we might do. I know for sure I’m gonna make copy of this thread and the one stuyguy linked.

SaxFace… Russian food sounds interesting. Maybe a vodka won’t get in the way of the whisky. :slight_smile:

You know what they say…vodka on whiskey, mighty risky.

I’m waiting or someone to come up with a recommendation for Irish music, myself. I’ve been doing without ever since that place down on W. 14th Street closed.

Two spots to try for Irish music …

Paddy Reiley’s, on 2nd Avenue at 29th Street. This is a fun bar. It’s the kind of bar where people always tell stories about Black 47 showing up to play a few impromptu sets, although that’s certainly never happened while I was there. I did see the lead singer from the Saw Doctors there once (sitting, not performing).

Kate Kearney’s, 50th Street between 1st and 2nd Avenues. This is ok if you’re in the neighborhood, it’s sort of gimmicky. But, it’s very friendly, and if memory serves, they have a good pool table.

Both have live music throughout the week, but I would definitely call first to see what’s scheduled for that night. Paddy’s is more towards Irish rock, Kate’s is more traditional.

Third Avenue between oh, say 20th and 30th streets is sort of the Irish bar alley in NYC. If you go to Paddy’s, you could always wander a block west and stroll around and see if anything strikes you. On a Wednesday, I would be doubtful about how much live music there would be, but you could get lucky.

Thank you all for the good words of advise. I think we’re gonna try to go to Paddy Reillys (thanks delphica) on Wednesday night after the fest. I called them today and they said someone was playing Wed night at 1030 pm. Couldn’t understand the girl so I don’t know who it’ll be, but we’ll give it a shot. I suspect we won’t care a heck of a lot. I’ll my buddy a chance to get in his $00.02 on where we’ll go for lunch tomorrow afternoon.

I hope to give the Lady Liberty on shot on Thursday a.m. as per Zebra. Although, best layed plans…
So, if ah,…anyone wants to try to make down to Paddy
Reillys later tomorrow night I’d be glad to buy you one (at a time). Haven’t the foggiest idea how i would figure out just who you are though.

Guess I save post number 100 for the replay. Cheers all.