NYC Dopers, We're Coming At Ya

My vacation is coming up real soon, and I, my brother Dan Turk, and our friend Second Star to the Right are gonna be in the City 08/13 evening - 08/19 noonish. I’ve been a couple times, as has SSttR, but the brother hasn’t. Anyone care to meet? Show us around for a little bit? We don’t really have any firm plans, and I’d like meet some of the NY Dopers. Hope to see some of y’all later.

I’d love to meet some Dopers as the only ones I know IRL are the aforementioned goofballs(I kid cause I love). :smiley: Hope to see some of you soon!

I’m Dan Turk and I approve of this message.

Gonna bump this because I posted it kinda late on Friday night. I know some of y’all only read during the week, so ::bump::.

I’m up for hanging out (I live in NJ), but I have a few questions before the “where we are going to hang out” planning stage begins.

  1. Can you legally drink adult beverages in a bar?
  2. Do you actually want to?
  3. NYC has pretty much any kind of food you could possibly want, and many others you wouldn’t- what kinda food do you fancy, and do you have any dietary restrictions?
  4. Hi Opal.
  5. Being from Florida, I’m sure you would appreciate a tour of the alligator infested underground tunnels.

I probably should have expanded on this a little bit in my OP.

We are 21? (sorry SSttR, I can’t remember, but I know you’re legal), 23, and 25. We’re good with walking, dining, drinking, museums, pretty much anything. I’ve been a couple times, and I’m extremely comfortable with the transit, both the train and the buses.

Dietary restrictions: One of us can’t eat almonds or almond-derived items. Food preferences? Anything. I particularly love Thai, Chinese, Japanese, and Italian and so does my brother.

We’re staying in Gramercy, on E 24th near the 6, so getting to and from pretty much anywhere shouldn’t be too much of an issue.

Entertainment stuff: Anything, really. Dinner? Walking tours? Bar-hopping? Whatever. I’m really flexible.

I’m 36. Am I too much of an old fart to hang with you guys?

x-ray, just FYI my idea of an evening out is going to my brother’s restaurant and doing a crossword over dinner, so no, I wouldn’t think you are too old for my wild and crazy ways.

Hey, who said I wasn’t wild and crazy? :wally Wanna trade pics? :smiley:

x-ray, Wonko, e-mail me. We can work something out and I’ll give you both my cell number. Anyone else around, or is this gonna be the 2nd smallest Dope gathering ever?

I could pull over on hwy 75 with a big sign to cheer all of you on, while on your drive up!

Best Iican do to conribute atm. Love my job so much ! Workin hard these days, should let up in a month or so.

I dont drink or smoke, not much fun here. But I would participate in the cross word puzzle and the eating parts.

Have fun and be safe, guys