NYC Dopers: Get together?

I’ll be in NYC May 2-6, and I’d like to get together with any Dopers who are interested some time that weekend (May 3-5). Most likely just something informal, a few drinks or dinner (or both)(with maybe a visit to a brothel in there somewhere) (just kidding! I don’t go to brothels. I just take the crack whores to a phone booth or public restroom), since my itinerary’s pretty full. So let me know who’s up for it. Oh, and I think it goes without saying, if you know any crack whores, please bring them along.

Woody my man, you are gonna have to make sure this thread gets seen during 9 to 5 NY time.

As always, if I have the cash you’ll see my ass.

Disclaimer: No one will actually see my ass. It is illegal to show your ass in public in New York City. The SDMB and The Chigago Reader don’t wanna hear about anybody showing their asses to anyone. Quite frankly, my ass is not something anyone would want to see or hear about anyway.


Girl, you are priceless.

And I’m sure I can be there. I mean, who would want to miss seeing Biggirl’s ass?


I should be able to be there for this. And you know us New Yorkers. Always up for drinks (well, dinner too, but the drinks are really the big thing)

TPs got my number. That’s quite a ways off now, so the only thing actually stopping us from being there would be forgetting about it. Heh.

[sub]Mmmm, beer.[/sub]

Biggirl’s ass! Looks like I won’t need the crack whores after all.

Should I go out on a limb, and suggest the actual time for the crack whore gathering be Friday night, May 3?

At the moment, I say that works for me. At least, I don’t THINK I have anything else going on that weekend…

Friday night works for me. I’m leaving it up to you natives to pick the location.

Tee-hee. I’m a Native. [Chortle]
Erm, so yeah! Sounds good fer us at the moment. Getting excited already!

Biggirl’s ass is so fine it should have poetry written about it.

That’s all I have to say about this thread.

So, where are we going?

::pencils in the date::

Oh wait I don’t have a pencil.

Come to think of it, I haven’t had a pencil in years…

Well, I’ll come anyway

May 3rd. Works for me. :slight_smile:

OK. Now all we need is a time and a place.

As far as I know, May 3 is a go for the ol’ Dave-Guy too.

Well, since this is now less than a week away, I guess I should get off my ass and try to get something going.
I’m staying at the Newton Hotel at 2528 Broadway which, near as I can tell, is on the Upper West Side. If anybody knows any good places to meet near my location, that would be great. Though of course I’d be happy to meet wherever’s most convenient for everybody. So, any ideas? What would be the best time?

How 'bout we combine Spidey day and your visit?

Here’s the link:

Sounds like a plan to me, if it works for everybody else. I’ll post to that thread now. Thanks.