NY Doper Drinks Tonight, Friday, May 3

NY Dopers!

The lovely Pucette and I will be meeting ** woodstockbirdybird ** this very evening (Friday, May 3), for drinks and food and whatever else comes our way.

6:30 PM
Flight 151
151 Eighth Avenue (at 18th Street)

Everyone is, of course, welcome to join. I know many of the New Yorkers are also doing SpideyDinner tomorrow night, but surely the only thing better than seeing Dopers is seeing them TWICE in one weekend.

Any questions, concerns, complaints? Post 'em, or email me!

[sub]Please see the sticky post in this forum for the usual disclaimer information about gatherings of Dopers.[/sub]

Yeah, I have a complaint. I knew this was coming, but our sitters aren’t arriving until tomorrow morning. I figured it would be cool to just stay the night after meeting the “bird” and go right through to tomorrow night, but fate leers at me knowingly.

Alas, I shall have to wait until tomorrow afernoon to meet up with some o’ ye folks.

Ah, well. Have fun.

Don’t worry, Gorgon. We’ve got quite an afternoon/evening lined up for tomorrow :slight_smile:

See you tonight, Delphica!

Just updating to say that the lovely vix will most likely be joining us.

Love to come. See you there. See you tomorrow too. Be seeing you all over the place. Hey, why don’t we all just move in together?


Wow. The mind boggles at the trouble we’d get ourselves into. :slight_smile:

I’m only moving in with you all if we can do a free love, commune type thing.

Come and knock on our door …
We’ll be waiting for you …
'Cause in this place we’ve got me and all these chicks
Dopes company w00t!

I’ll be there, though I may be a bit late.

That would only be in the MPSIMS part of NYCDoperville. Manny would be vigilant at sweeping those free-love types out of the GQ part so Zev can be ready to answer any baseball question within seconds of its arrival. Ike would stay in the Cafe, reading and cooking, hoping that no one wants to use the VCR for Star Trek reruns again. SuaSponte and Joe_Cool would be hanging out in GD, arguing about gun control, world affairs and religion. And woe betide anyone who wanted to venture into the Pit.

We’re in.

I think I’ll tag along with Biggirl.

Would love to go to both drinks and the dinner tomorrow night, but I need some quality time with my kids (tonight) and my wife (date night tomorrow)

Thanks for planning these - I hope to make it sometime soon,


I’d love to come, but the old wives are predicting the arrival of the Beansprout any day now. :slight_smile: (If ya want details, ask Bill. I’ve been keeping him apprised of any change in dilation, effacement, mucus, etc.) Please hoist a Bass Ale for us!

Well, heck! I’m on my way there right now!