New Yorkers: Mini Dopefest - July 12 and 13

A while back, Gorgon Heap started this thread about a Doper gathering for this coming Friday, the 12th. I had simultaneously been thinking that a Coney Island get-together would be fun for a summer Saturday. Like the 13th. So let’s do both.

Friday: dinner and drinks in Manhattan. I don’t think we’d settled on a place. GH, did you have something in mind?

Saturday: Coney Island. Clams and beer on the boardwalk, the Cyclone, the bumper cars, the Coney Island Museum, hotdogs at the Original Nathan’s, the Aquarium, Brighton Beach, and dinner at Gargiulo’s. Not necessarily in that order.

So who’s in?

well, pooh. coney island sounds fantastic. unfortunatly i’m to be in nyc this saturday not next. perhaps next go around.

That all sounds like a lot of fun. I should be able to do both Friday and Saturday, but I’m not sure how late I can stay Saturday night.

See you all there.

Still no restaurant for Friday? Com’on Bill, you know all the good places.

The places so good, they don’t let Dopers in. Private party indeed!

Oh good I was just wondering about this.

See ya there.

Saturday, yes. Friday, not so much.

See you Saturday!

How 'bout our old standby, Flight 151, in Chelsea?

Flight 151 sounds good to me for Friday.

On Saturday, I was thinking we could meet at my place around 1 pm and then head out to Coney Island - I’m on the way for almost everyone, I think. Further ideas/suggestions always welcome, of course.

rocking chair, hope to see you next time! (I love your “location”, by the way).

I’d be up for Flight 151. And meeting at vix’s at 1 to go to Coney Island.

Can’t wait to see you all.

A bump, and my own RSVP – I’ll see you all Friday and Saturday.

Anyone else up for the Coney Island museum?

I’m most likely up for both days. I cannot wait to FINALLY “experience” Coney Island :slight_smile:

I’ll go to the museum with you, Delphica.

Pucette, I can’t believe you’ve never been to Coney Island. I can’t believe I haven’t dragged you there myself! Also, and unrelatedly, your sig reminds me that I have one of my own…

Fie. You people always schedule these things when I’m going out of town.

Actually, no you don’t. But you did this time. Sorry I’ll miss you.

[Mumblegrumble] We shall see.

What’s this? This was your idea, Gorgon. I hope you can still make it!

Crap! I’ve got a bachelor party I have to go to. Aw, nuts!

I’ll (most likely) be there for both.

Vix … Thou hast preempted me! You stole my thread. You stole my party. You stole my very dignity. I shall set Og upon you!

But yes, we shall be there. And it appears that we may have one or two not-as-yet Dope friends with us.

Rest assured, dear friends, we shall come, and we shall drink.

Because God wants it that way.

Oh, foo. I have to work on Saturday. Friday is a possibility for me, tho.

Y’all better still be at Flight 151 at 8:30, is all I’m sayin’.