Does anyone know any girls who can 'kick ass'?

You know TV shows and movies where there is a woman star who regularly kicks the crap out of guys 3 times her size (without using super powers)? Think Peta Wilson in the ‘Le Femme Nikita’ series, Linda Hamilton in T2, Demi Moore in GI Jane, or any number of other shows or movies.

I am curious to know:

Couple of ground rules:
No ‘My friend is tough and COULD probably…’. Just cause she has a big mouth or knows Tai-Bo or something doesn’t mean anything. I have girl-friends live in that same fantasy world where they think they could beat me up. Fact of the matter is that while I’m not a real big guy, I am a hell of a lot bigger, stronger, and more powerful than most girls. So please only share stories about a girl you know who ACTUALLY kicked the crap out of someone Charlies Angel’s style.

No girl pushing a guy at a party or something and he doesn’t do anything back because her boyfriends there with five pals.

And no gargantuan 300 lb women. I’m talking about skinny little model types like on TV.

Yes. I have a friend from school who weighs about 130 pounds and last summer beat up a regular-size guy in a concert mosh pit.

That’s the only girl I can think of, though.


I’m five feet tall exactly and just last New Year’s Eve, kicked the crap out of this drunk asshole who wouldn’t stop bothering me.
What can I say, I play hockey, kickbox, and have a vicious temper when provoked.

Knowing how devious pirates were, I do believe the few female pirates of the 18th and 19th centuries had a share of beaten, if not dead, men by their own hands or swords:

In modern times women who have military training don’t need to be massive to beat guys:

The writer of that site has a relevant answer:

As for:

TV is truly not a good place to find real women who can beat guys. Only if they know karate tough:

My little sister is about 5’2 and maybe 95 pounds with change in her pockets. She went through high school known as the Terminator when she knocked the 1st string middle linebacker of the senior class out with one punch when she was in the 9th grade.

She’s weird and will be in an institution in a few years I’m sure, but don’t fuck with her or whe will put you into orbit.

A girl in one of my college classes was a boxer and yeah, she could kick anyone’s ass. Nice-looking girl, about 5’4, 110, but all muscle. She took on a guy who didn’t believe her, and he was a believer afterwards :slight_smile:


My brother used to do karate when he was a kid, in his class was a tiny, petite little 9 year old girl, who had a black belt. I’ve seen her fell a 6’2" tall, solid guy. She was so cute, and yet so tough, it was bizarre! She looked like she should have been wearing a tutu, not a black belt. I understand she did ballet alternate nights of the week.

It’s been a long while.

The last time was junior year in high school when two stupid jocks thought it was funny to pick on the fat girl. Two regular, senior high school guys (one on the school handball team) didn’t think a psycotically enraged fat girl was fun to pick on any more.

Sure I ended up with a fat lip and bloody nose, but those two jerks never lived down being knocked to the ground by a 5 foot nothing girl, pummelled and finally being rescued by a passing teacher.

Just as a helpful hint, don’t willingly take a dancer’s kick to anywhere that will feel pain. Ballet may look gentle, but jumping and kicking for 40 hours a week will put muscle on someone, even a wimpy girl.

I know of four, one is about 5’8" , curvy with attitude and the martial arts skills to back them up.

Another is a little bit of a redhead. Watching her wrestle around with her brute of a SO is like watching a kitten tackle a bear… but my ex (6’2", martial arts, kickboxing, etc) has refused to spar her. Not because she’s a girl, but because he just doesn’t want to take that kind of damage. (And I had to drag this boy to the hospital for a “friendly spar” injury.) she’s just awesome.

The third is my favorite graduating senior this year. she’s a swimmer, but doesn’t have the bulky shoulders, or really much of anything that shows how tough she is. But she is, she plays tackle football when the guys let her, and the smart ones soon figure out they really shouldn’t hold back or they will lose limbs.

The last is a twiggy blonde. She had to do her brown belt trial three times before the judges realized that yes, she could indeed take out the instructor that quickly.

I think its harder to see bad ass chicks as such for several reasons. One, boys get scared of girls awfully easily and nothing that might damage male egos is encouraged. Not smarts and never physical prowess. Two, girls don’t generally do the over muscled bit, they muscle up like cats, more for speed and pure toughness than bulk. This can lead to misconceptions, you see a big guy thudding down the street and you expect some amount of badness. You get none of the intimidation effect from a 5’2" girl with an hourglass figure, but both of them may be able to reduce you to a puddle.

My kid sister, at least 80 pounds lighter than me has been able to put a serious hurt on me every since she had law enforcement training. I’m starting to regret being the mean big brother. Oh, and she packs heat now too.

I saw a 5’3" 98 lb. 15 year old girl knock an average-sized guy through a plate-glass storefront once. She was pretty scrappy and intense, but I don’t think she would have come out on top in a stand-up fight with that guy, it had a lot to do with the element of surprise and a nicely executed leg-sweep.


I girl I was friends with in late high school/early college was one of the top ranked females in the United States in Tae Kwan Do. She had an axe kick that was ungodly fast and scary-powerful. Only a horrific accident prevented her from going to the national championships in 1992. And to put a craptacular ending on the story, the girl who won the tournament was someone my friend had repeatedly beat before.

My best friend’s wife, with whom I’ve trained and sparred on many occasions, can be downright scary. She’s about 5’6" with a medium build, and holds a brown belt in Kenpo, a blue (5th) belt in modern arnis-aikido (mainly knife and stick fighting), and is a kickboxer (as well as a massage therapist and sports trainer). I’ve seen her chase boxers, kickboxers, and muay thai fighters right out of the ring–and that was “friendly” sparring. I’ve also seen her hold her own with the U.S. amateur heavyweight kickboxing champ–he’s the one who trained her. She never kicked my ass in the ring, but then I never kicked hers either–and I’m way bigger than she is. I’d hate to get in a serious fight with her.

Listen to Medea’s Child about the dancers, too. I’ve seen my sweet little niece, a jazz/ballet dancer who’s all of 4’11" and weighs under 100 pounds, flatten a guy twice her size with one kick. If she’d been really ticked, she could have hospitalized him.

I knew of a woman barely weighing 100lbs who took Tai Chi Chuan. She barely touched me, yet she knocked me through a classroom to a bunch of chairs. and I weighed 250 at the time (no, she won’t be able do it again. I also took some lessons, and gained about 70 pounds.)

Not to be overly flirtacious, but Geobabe, Lucretia, Althea and Theios could.

My girlfriend. No shit. She goes for her black belt test in a few weeks. Ju Jitsu, or some such thing. Anyway, she’s got guns(muscles) and trust me she is quite capable of handling herself. She is teaching a womens self defense class at a local community center. It’s kind of nice not being worried about trying to protect her. She’s the one protecting me. Aren’t role reversals wonderful? I’ll try and look for some of the martial arts sights she’s been on. I’m not sure how to create a link, but if I find them I’ll post the URL.

OK. Found one site. I don’t know how to link, but the address is

hey look at that the magic of the SDMB did it for me…by the way her name is Dana.

Back in junior high I got physically threatened by a group of junior high boys. I kicked the leader’s ass and went on my way. I don’t know if that counts, but I’m rather proud of the incident.

PS. That was before I started karate. :smiley:

Hey, I know that girl… or at least someone exactly like her red hair and everything. She never looses a wrestling match. She is a dancer, and so she is really strong. She is also incredibly limber. I have seen her bend and twist her way out of holds that no one else besides Gumby could get out of. It’s incredible. I wish I could wrestle like that.