does anyone know how to brighten a laptop display?

…because I can’t find anything in this fercockteh laptop that tells me. It’s an HP 6735b, if that makes any difference. When I unplug it from the wall and it goes on batteries, it gets a tiny bit brighter, but there should be something someplace that allows me to brighten it myself, should there? Damned if I can find it. Nothing under “screen properties” “display” etc. Nada. Who makes a machine like this? Any help, dopers? xo, C.

My Dell uses the function key Fn and up or down arrows. Fn Up is brighter Fn down is dimmer.

I’ve never seen anything in windows that does it.

Googling “HP 6735b screen brightness” produces numerous links that look potentially helpful, including this one.

That is such the excellent suggestion. I think my computer must be old, dying, broken, crap, or a combination. All suggestions on the linked page did not work. It’s too cold to go fishing right now, but maybe I can use this little computer as a weight in the spring. Thanks, anyhow. xo, C.

Flowers and chocolates?

If you have an ATI card, there is a slight chance you had the same weird problem I did. Try this.

Right click on the desktop and click on “Catalyst control center.” Click on “Reactivate ATI color controls.”

What version of Windows are you using?

Have you checked the screen brightness setting under the Power control panel? It’s likely set at full brightness when on AC power anyway, but it’s worth a look.

If full brightness is still too dim, it probably needs a new light. They’re not too difficult to replace on the recent HP’s, but I wouldn’t try it yourself if you don’t have electronics and soldering experience.

My Lenovo has a setting in BIOS where I can select, if I so choose, to have my laptop screen at full brightness when it runs on batteries (it usually dims when on battery to save power.) I realize this is the exact opposite situation from the O.P. but, still, one more spot you can look for a setting – the BIOS. If its old enough to be delegated to fishing sinker, maybe the BIOS setting have gone wonky?