Does anyone know if Tricky has a "best of" cd?

I like five of his songs. Of the four I’ve been able to find on his cds, they’re on three different CDs. I don’t know his music well enough to buy three, if not four cds…He has so many cds!

So does anyone know if he has a best of cd, maybe with at least three of these songs?

Revolution, Evolution, Love (feat Ed of Live) these two are on the same cd, so if no best of, I’ll probably buy that one. I like these songs best anyway
Broken Homes (feat PJ Harvey)
Black Coffee (feat Bjork…this one I can’t find on any cd so far)
Hell is Around the Corner (feat Portishead)

The closest thing he has is the “ruff guide: best of” compilation, but it doesn’t have all of the songs you want.

“Hell is around the corner” is from his first record, Maxinquaye, which is his best by far. The albums that the other songs are from are actually the two weakest of his career (“juxtapose” and “angels with dirty faces”).

“Black Coffee” is from the album that Tricky made under the name Nearly God, in which he worked with guest vocalists.

Just get Maxinquaye, it is a great CD. Pre-Millenium Tension, Angels with Dirty Faces and Juxtapose are forgettable except for one or two killer songs on each. “Christiansands” off of Pre-Millenium Tension IMHO is his best song but the rest of the album is not that great. But Maxinquaye is good most of the way through with only a few rough spots. It works nicely as kind of a back-alley boxing club to the much smoother trip-hop of Massive Attack.

Another option would just be to buy the tracks you like off of an online music service and burn your own CD. That’s kind of the idea behind these services, ain’t it?

You’re all missing the best album - Nearly God.

Actually, I didn’t. But then again, I think it’s a really weak record, with the exception of the “keep your mouth shut” song and the one featuring neneh cherry and the guy from the specials (‘poems’).