Does anyone know what this tool does?

I think that tool attaches to a table (ring side up) and has a spring-loaded pivoting… hammer ? that can be pulled back with the ring… Obviously it’s a penis mightier.

It might be some sort of a tension controlled mount for physics experiments regarding friction or somesuch.

My auto mechanics teacher said that he first student that could report back to him with the correct name and what it does will get an automatic A for the marking period.

I’m not cheating since he didn’t say we couldn’t ask others. I figure one of you guys has to know. :smiley:

It is for putting ear tags in cows and other animals.

The seeming right angle in the outer part is a red herring. It is less than a right angle. Eh, I got nothing.

No, it isn’t. Ear taggers look more like this

I haven’t any idea what it is, though.

Is it an antique or something? Doesn’t look anything like the ear tag pliers here.

The fact that it’s sitting on a whiteboard tray gives a hint to it’s use: it’s a board stretcher! We teachers are always in need of these gizmos, but never seem to have one handy. They’re supposed to be stored with the spotted paint and the bucket of curve balls, but they always get left in another teacher’s classroom. Thus, we have to send the super-annoying-ADHD-off-his-ritalin kid in search of it. Usually he has to visit half a dozen or more classrooms, criss-crosssing the campus, before he returns empty handed, tired out and ready to concentrate. :slight_smile:

A clamp for gluing valve stems onto inner tubes?
The only pressure the tool can apply looks to come from that bronze colored star nut.

It is a piston ring groove cleaner. The piston fits in the right angle portion shown at the top left. The movable arm swings out to admit the piston, and then back in. The little star shaped thing on the movable arm is different width scrapers. Loosen the set screw turn till the right width is facing toward the piston. close so that the scraper is inside the piston ring groove. Rotate the piston a few times to remove any carbon that is built up there.
Here is almost the identical tool from Snap-On.

You owe me half your grade. :smiley:

Looks to be one of these things (Adjustable Hose Clamp Plier- 90 Degree), but a much older version. Same basic structure, looks like the same function.

Nifty. How come the base of the piston-holding arm is a ring just before reaching the pivot point? To stick your thumb through?

Oops. Oh well, it was worth a shot. All I know about cars is how to drive 'em and fill up the gas tank. :smiley:

I think Interest should buy Rick a shiny new Piston Ring Groove Cleaner. $30 bucks isn’t bad for an automatic A. :wink:

Rick wins. Good shot!

I love you Rick! Thanks!! :slight_smile:

Oops. Xray- Vision doesn’t love you, I do. He’s my uncle. :smack:

I still say it’s a penis mightier.

You oughjt to send your photo to this website, they’ll be glad to see it.

Did he promise to award the A to the person who actually did the research?