Does anyone know why "Into the Woods" comes in a double-CD case?

Last Friday night I started ripping all of my CDs to iTunes: I figure that it’s time to have all of my music at my (digital) disposal. And I noticed, for the Nth time, that the soundtrack to Into the Woods is packaged in a double-CD case – even though it comprises just one CD and a libretto, and the libretto fits in the same side of the case as the CD.

Do any hard-core musical theatre folks know why it’s packaged like that? Does the same thing occur with any other musical sountracks?

Just curious! :slight_smile:

Even though the libretto fits in the same side as the CD, there’s no way that badboy would fit in a standard 1-disc CD tray. As far as I can tell, that’s the only reason for the double-sized case. They could have gotten a little fancier (a la Miss Saigon’s packaging–the Complete Symphonic Recording, that is), but I imagine this way was cheaper. And no, I haven’t seen any other single-disc recordings that used the double case.

Strangely enough though, I too was ripping CDs to iTunes and came across this one… I found it difficult though, to find songs that stood on their own enough (and where the track ended at an appropriate time) with this show.

Um, yeah, that actually makes total sense. :smack: Thanks!

I agree that it’s hard to find songs that stand alone enough. When I make my mixes, I tend to pick “Agony” (the first one) and “Finale: Children Will Listen”: the beginning/ending of the latter isn’t clean, but it’s one of my favorite pieces from any musical. :slight_smile:

Now I want to watch my Into the Woods DVD, but it’s already past my bedtime! Maybe tomorrow evening. . .

The American Cast Recording of Chess did.

I think the Agonys have to go together - they don’t work for me seperately. Actually the whole thing is like that. I have to listen beginning to end or not listen to it.

I came in here to mention the Broadway Chess.

The booklets for those two were the same size as the ones put into LP cases. If you compare them with newer single CD booklets, you’ll find the latter have smaller printing and/or thinner paper to get them to fit into the case.

On a related note, my SO has a couple of Beatles “greatest hits” dual CDs that have a quad case.

Here in Japan, there are a few different sizes of single CD cases, to accommodate different-sized booklets. Usually the same height and width, but a thicker lid to hold a booklet thick enough for lyrics and liner notes in English and Japanese. Also there is a slightly oversized case, where the cd tray is deeper, and the booklet sits on top of that.

I think somtimes they just grab whatever they have a lot in stock of.

The booklet’s too thick to fit in a standard case. The only other show I have like that is “A Tree Grows in Brooklyn.”

Hmm… mine doesn’t. It just came in the regular 1-CD/single-case package. Maybe they re-issued it with smaller print, like Annie-Xmas mentioned. I prefer the London recording of that one myself anyway.