Does anyone live in Disneyland?

After a long and fruitless web search, I realized that I didn’t know how to get an answer to this question, and that my only hope lay in the capable hands of the Teeming Millions. You, that is.

I’m going to Disneyland in a couple of days, for my first time. The guy I’m going with is a long-time fan. He had a dream about retiring there, and it fascinated me.

Can you, say, get a permanent room at the Disneyland Hotel? Has anyone done that? Does anyone currently have a permanent address in Disneyland?

The Disney resorts are not actually inside Disneyland, you dont walk out the door and into the pirates of the caribean. I don’t know if you can be a permanent resident of the hotels but your adress won’t show Disneyland as any part of it.

The Disney Grand Californian Hotel is on the grounds of Disney’s California Adventure. However, I wouldn’t suggest moving in to that place fulltime unless you have a huge chunk of change.

The Disneyland Hotel is across the street from Disneyland although you could take the Monorail in everyday or walk I suppose.

You can buy a year-round pass for $199 to get into the park (pays for itself after just five visits).

Resort hotels probably don’t offer residential rates like business hotels. I would think that there may be some Disney employees who live year-round in the hotel.

If you mail something from Disneyland, it goes to the Anaheim post office.

Well, Walt Disney did, or at least he had a private apartment over the Main Street Fire Station:

Walt’s Private Apartment

It implies that it is unused now, maintained as a tribute to Walt.

Mickey Mouse lives there! Duh! :wink:

…with Minnie, of course. Double-duh :smiley:

Well, since Mr. Seawitch is a long-time worker for the Mouse, I’m pretty sure about this one. As a matter of fact, he’s there right now.

Living at the Disneyland Resort Hotel would get you an address in Anaheim. The hotel and the Disney California Adventure park are owned by different legal entities, and are in fact seperate parcels for title and tax purposes. Neither one is the same as the Disneyland owner and parcel. (That way, if the hotel goes bankrupt, it doesn’t touch the assets of either park. A lot of real estate is held this way by large investment groups.)

There is nobody currently living at Disneyland, but there are staff members there 24 hours a day. Some of them swear they feel like they live there, but that’s more of a personal problem.

There is, however, a basketball court inside the Matterhorn. Decidedly odd.

Yeah, I wanted to check that out when I was there. :slight_smile:

I heard about it on Snopes a long time ago (back when the site was primarily Disney lore). It’s primarily used by the costumed characters who sometimes “climb” the Matterhorn to pass the time when they aren’t out there or can’t go out because of bad weather.

Snopes article on it.

I did some more research on Disney residences - by the simple method of asking Mr. Seawitch when he arrived home from the graveyard shift this morning. Here’s what he says:

There were actually two apartments for Walt; the earlier mention of the one above the Main Street Fire Station is correct. There was a later one-bedroom suite with office built near the Pirates of the Carribean, but Walt passed away before moving in. The apartment still exists - it’s above the Disney Gallery.

There is also a single family house inside the park. It’s the original bungalow that was on the property before the park was ever built. The house has not been lived in since; it is behind the Festival of Fools area, on the border between Fantasyland and Adventureland (near the back area of the park). Next to the house is a single orange tree - the last remainder of the orange groves that once covered the site.

I remember seeing something on the Disney channel a few years ago that was discussing the concept of EPCOT. The way that Walt saw it was as an actual functioning community with houses and schools and stores.


The way I heard it or read it, last time I was at Disneyland (which, granted, was five years ago), was that apartment is the Disney Gallery today.

It’s in the New Orleans part of the park, very close to the “33 Club.” This is a private, secret club, memberships to which are purchased by large corporations.

At one point, a run-away was living on the park’s property.

He was around 12 years old, & had waited until dark, then hid inside one of the teepees on Tom Sawyer Island.

He raided the snackbars after dark, & got on & off the island by using the canoes in the area.

As food began to vanish, it was initially believed that rats (common on T.S. island) had eaten it. Then, Security realized that rats wouldn’t clean up the food wrappers.

A janitor eventually found the kid when he was asleep in his teepee.

Source : More Mouse Tales by Koening. I think that’s the right title, anyway.

Well, it was damn early when I was having the conversation, so I could have heard wrong. Maybe I’ll see if Mr. S can sneak me in late at night, and I’ll take pictures.

Though it’s a bit of a tangent, the Washington Post had an article a few days ago about a woman who lives on the QE2.

Basically, she just pays for each voyage. So I suppose you could live at DisneyWorld that way.

Actually, they are now divorced (Mickey and Minnie). Mickey was in court when the Judge admonished him “I can’t grant a divorce just because you say Minnie is crazy.” However, Mickey explained “I didn’t say she was crazy, Judge. I said she was fucking Goofy.”

It’s not exactly what the OP was asking, but on the Disney World property in central Florida, the Mouse built a planned community called Celebration, Florida. Here’s a link.