Disneyland area Hotel/Motel?

Going to Disneyland at the end of the month and was wondering if anyone could recommend some inexpensive hotels or motels.

The Hotels are kind of expensive, but if anyone know some great deals let me know.:rolleyes:

Since this post is seeking opinions, I’ll shoot it off to IMHO, the second happiest place on earth.

We stayed at the Red Roof Inn about half a mile from Disneyland; it was pretty cheap, about sixty bucks a night, and it was nice enough.

For a complete set of reviews on local establishments:

Remember, mouseplanet.com is your comprehensive source for all Disney-theme-park-related material. Be sure to browse that site thoroughly before heading out; it really made my last Disney vacation much, much better. Check out the sections on learning to use FastPass, especially.

Have fun, and say hi to Lilo for me.

Our first trip to Disney World, we stayed in a Day’s Inn in Lake Buena Vista. Inexpensive, and reasonably close by.

The second trip (our last trip so far), we stayed at one of the moderately priced Disney hotels. Granted, by then we could afford a little more, but at least part of the added cost was offset by savings in transportation. The convenience and lack of aggravation is definitely worth something. The resort transportation system is so well-designed that we never had to even think about how to get from point A to point B.

We had a blast.

For a real cheap room, there’s a nearby motel called “Pennysleeper”, about 2 blocks away. Around 49 bucks a night.

for a family we always stay in The Desert Inn and Suites. It is just across the road from DL, and can fit an entire family (3 double beds, 2 rooms) for about $70-80. A little past its best and breakfasts are poor, but for that price I aint complaining

I also suggest Intercot - if there is anything you need to know about WDW/DL, it’s there. They also have some really active messageboards where people are pretty much able to answer any question you could come up with.

We stayed in Kissimmee, FL on our honeymoon. I believe it was a Super 8 motel. We saw offers for majr chain hotels as cheap as $25/night (in 1996). Anyway, the strip on which we stayed (US 192?) is so jam-packed with hotels, the stiff competition drives prices way down! Around Disneyworld, it’s perhaps the cheapest place on earth!

My advice? Stay cheap because you won’t be in the hotel room, much anyhow. Your only need may be a pool for the kids during downtime from the theme parks. Also, check out Sea World, if you can…believe me, this ain’t your run-of-the-mill aquarium, baby! Worth including in your itinerary!!! - Jinx

We’ve stayed twice at the Jolly Roger, which is just across the street from the park. It’s not across the street from the entrance, however, so you have to walk about three blocks to get in. It’s moderately priced compared to the other hotels nearby, and it has all the amenities you’d expect a cheap hotel to have (um…your kids can use the pool at the hotel next door).

Uh, the OP is going to be at Disneyland, which is in Anahiem, California. Getting a motel room in Kissimmee FL would make for one helluva commute each morning! :wink:

Another benifit to onsite housing…we found it worked very well to come back to the hotel around three in the afternoon, give the kids a swim and a nap (and take one ourselves), and then head out for the evening. It was much, much more convenient than even the closest offsite hotel…

Wow, thanks everyone!!!

I knew this was the best place to start first and I’m so grateful to all your recommendations. Even the Disney World recommendations, I’m planning that trip next year so the advice is going to be very useful.

Again, thanks to all you DOPERS!!! I don’t need to make random searches on the internet, I come here first!