Does anyone out there play Go?

I am semi interested in learning how to play. It looks like a cross between Othello and Chess. I understand how to capture pieces but most of the rest of the game just seems arbitrary to me.

Anyone know how to play and is willing to explain it?

Well, hmm. The game is notoriously hard to explain without actually having a board in front of you. In fact, it’s practically impossible. A quick web search led me to this site, however, and it seems to be decent. I suggest you go here and read over everything - the java tutorials are especially useful. If you have any questions after that, come back and I’ll be happy to answer them (bearing in mind that while I’m a decent player, I’m not the best). Another method is just learn by example. Go watch a few games on the Yahoo or MS gaming websites, then try to play one yourself. Even better, if you have a friend with a board, ask for lessons.

-Psi Cop

Here’s a link for SmartGo. This tool lets you play, replay, annotate, analyze and study Go games. They have a free downloadable version at 9x9 that’s good for beginners. SmartGo is a great tool for Go players, and I’m not just saying that b/c it was created by a former coworker of mine. :slight_smile:

You can also play it online atYahoo Games. I haven’t played it much, which means I’m probably lousy at it, and I haven’t tried playing Go on-line, but I’ve played a reasonable amount of Hearts, Euchre, and Backgammon at Yahoo and it’s a pretty good forum, even if there’s nowhere near as much wit and banter as there is here.:wink:


Where do you live? Do an online search for go clubs near you, and try to get to some of their meetings. You’re never going to get a feeling for the game until you play a couple dozen or so games. Then buy some Ishi Press books on the game.


I bought a Go board over a year ago and have yet to find anyone willing to play with me. Boggle, hey no problem. Monopoly, yeah sure. Go? What the hell is that? Look at the instruction book for christsakes!


I’d never thought about playing online before. It seems pretty artificial. I don’t mind cards games and such on a computer screen but games like Go or chess or pente have a tactile quality that makes the feel of playing different or fullfilling.

The other thing you might want to check out (don’t laugh!) is Mensa. A lot of the groups I know have Games Nights during which people play a variety of games. In fact, I was just at one on Saturday night. The website for American Mensa is, and from there you should be able to find contact information for your local group. As a rule, you should be able to attend at least a few events without trying to join. The people I know are all pretty good company, but I can’t deny that Mensa has its share of arrogant types. (I was so tempted to write “idiots”. The other thing to look into is Mensa Regional Gatherings, which also usually feature a games room where you can usually pick up a game of just about anything. Those should also be listed on the national website; if they’re not, send me an e-mail and I’ll check when ones close to you will be. As the saying goes, “It couldn’t hoit!”


Just to prove that I am indeed a Mensan, I fouled up the link. Here’s the correct one:

That or if some kindly moderator should happen by and choose to restore the rags of my reputation . . .


There’s a Barnes and Noble store in Evanston IL that hosts Go players every Wednesday night, so check around locally. If there isn’t a place that already has it, maybe you can get somebody to do it.

Thanks for the tip photopat! I live about 5 minutes from that B&N and I have been interested in Go so it looks like a perfect match:)