Does anyone really care about Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's opinions?

Here’s a shocker: Iran’s president doesn’t like yet another thing to come out of The West. DNFTT anyone? Or am I alone in not really caring about this joker’s opinion? I mean, if he comes out with, “Y’know what? Israel’s pretty OK, we should leave them alone. And Mohammed Porn? Well I guess it’s everyone’s right to make an ass of himself so produce away you hack filmmakers, it’s your dime” well that would be noteworthy on a lot of levels. But until then, who cares?

I thought it was interesting that he’s trying to set himself as a moderate on this issue (by supporting anti-blasphemy laws - “moderate” my ass), but I don’t think it’s a particularly genuine opinion and it just makes me wonder what his angle is. His opinions aren’t entirely irrelevant, but he’s not the one calling the shots in Iran and he does love to see his face on TV.

Frankly, no.

A lot of people I run across do, they like to look at him as the mad dictator of Iran and use him as a reason why we have to attack Iran to Save The World.

The Ayatollas may really be the ones who run things in Iran, but if they didn’t like what Ahmadinejad was saying wouldn’t they try to get him to shut up?

I think it’s safe to say that the opinions of any head of state and/or head of government will always carry some relevance and be of interest to anyone contemplating international relations.

The ayatollahs run the country, but my understanding is that there is a lot of jockeying for power and Ahmadinejad has his own base of support. Iran has a really bizarre government.

Ah. I see.

You are quite correct, of course. But tell me: would you be willing to adopt the role of Mahmoud listener? It’s a thankless job, really. All you have to do is monitor the repetetive bile and let us all know if it changes. Otherwise we’ll just assume his response to any world event boils down to one of the following: 1) Iran is a peaceful, invincible country; 2) Allah is a god of love, and all who blaspheme Him or His prophet(s) should be ground into turtle food; 3) Anyone who disagrees with 1 & 2 are Zionist puppets. Wouldja do that much for us? Just so we don’t have to be bothered with him? You can even have a daily article on the front page of every major news outlet that defaults to: “Ahmadinejad: no change.” You can update it as necessary.

Let’s talk compensation package. :slight_smile:

Piece of cake. I don’t speak Farsi, so as long as I have my iPod, I’m good.