Does anyone remember CED disks?

I buried this question in another thread. Luckily, it had no bites, lest I be accused of attempting to “hijack” it.

I’ve never seen a CED disk or player, but IIRC it was RCA’s entry into the “disk” market.

Laser disks were already available in the early '80’s, but they and the players were very expensive.

CED would theoretically have been a cheaper alternative, although they never caught on.

I think it actually used a liner track stylus.

Or did I just dream this all up?

You dreamed it all. I have never heard of such a thing.


No, you’re correct. It did exist.

Oh come on. We could have had him believing it was all a dream. Why did you have to go and spoil it?


Yeah, I remember the CED discs. Laserdisc was always cooler, though, even though we techies in electronics school marvelled that RCA could even do a videodisc using a needle

The thing I noticed about that site, apart from that apalling GIFs, was the mention of ‘Phonovision’, the analogue needle-on-platter videodisc from the 1920s. Yipe!

Is nothing new?