Does anyone remember the TV movie/pilot "Island City"?

That other thread about sci-fi movies got me reminiscing. This TV movie was, I think, the pilot for a series that never got off the ground about 10 or so years ago.

The story is that in the near future, humanity has created a wonder drug that keeps people young, a sort of fountain of youth miracle that lets people either stop aging or age very very slowly. Billions take the drug. However, something about it reacts badly to many of the humans, turning them into what is called Recessives: basically, they look and act like Neanderthals. Big, muscular, stupid, with a sloped forehead, they trash the earth and the other humans who did not take the drug, or ones that are immune to its mutation, retreat back into these fortified cities where they try to go about their lives behind force fields.

I loved the movie. I was able to catch it two or three times before they just stopped showing it. Apparently it sucked, but nobody told me. I hate when that happens.

Does anyone else besides me remember it, like it, or have it? I swear that it could have been a great series if it actually got off the ground. The retreat of humanity behind the walls of their cities seems like something out of a zombie apocalypse, but these Recessives were not completely mindless or slow. Besides, moral quandries for killing zombies are non-existent but these guys were still human. Part of the movie revolved around soldiers who wanted to shoot to kill rather than use non-lethal force because they were still working on a cure.

Yes, Eric McCormick played a Recessive/Human bybrid. They also that transport portals that let you “phone” someplace else and walk through the portal. I did a name the movie theard 4 years ago and there was another thread last year. I’d like to see it again, but I don’t think it’s on DVD.

I remember that there was one character, a teenage boy who was freaked because his mom looked like a hot eighteen-year old. Apparently perpetual youth has some drawbacks. :stuck_out_tongue:

I remember it for two reasons:

  • It featured the guy who was the voice of Batman in the animated series, Kevin Conroy…

  • It featured Brenda Strong, the woman who is the narrator over Desperate Housewives. I met her at a fund-raiser a couple of years ago and actually brought up Island City because it was so obscure. She totally got a kick out of hearing it brought up and said that it was fun to work on but went nowhere…obviously.

I remember it. What stuck in my mind was the color-coded crystals that indicate which people can can safely reproduce with each other to avoid producing recessives.

I think my teenage self also loved it because the hologram woman was going to take her top off before the parental controls kicked in… :frowning: