Does anyone remember this TV mini-series?

It was about divers discovering a sunken ocean liner, and finding out that the people who were on board managed to survive in the hull of the ship, and had a whole society going. I know it aired sometime in the mid to late 80’s, but I haven’t been able to find it. Thanks!

Goliath Awaits?

That’s the one! Thanks tanstaafl!

Mmmmmm, Emma Samms…

How did they recycle their oxygen?

Also, since I’m probably never going to see it, but now am curious about it, could you spoil the plot please? :slight_smile:

From what I remember, they had a hydroponics operation going that provided them food and recycled air.

Basically, a navy diver (Mark Harmon, sporting a fine paedophile mustache) find the luxury liner Goliath at the bottom of the ocean and discover that there are survivors living inside (one of whom is red hot busty firecracker Emma Samms). They manage to gain entry into the ship, and convince many of the people to come with them back to the surface for some Vitamin D. The captain (red hot but not so busty firecracker Christopher Lee) doesn’t want people to go, despite the fact that the ship will soon become unliveable (can’t remember why). Mark Harmon’s mustache and Count Dooku square off. Penis ensues.

IIRC, Mark Harmon’s diver is in the neighborhood because he’s checking out a black smoker, which is what McKenzie’s people harnessed to heat the ship–and is responsible for making them sick.

Don’t forget that part of the reason that Dooku doesn’t want his people going backto the surface world… Now it’s been abut 5 years since I’ve seen it but this is how I remember it but I’m a little foggy… is that he assumes that the Nazis won WW2 because the Goliath was carrying a comunique between Germany and the US that would have set up some sort of alliance.

You know… now that I’ve typed that it doesn’t sound right… Anyone want to correct me?


Was it a good movie? It sounds interesting.

Well, in 1981 I was 12 years old and thought it was massively entertaining. Haven’t seen it since though. Also, I have deplorable taste.

almost as believable as The Village ;j

I thought it was entertaining enough that I instantly recognized it and remembered the title after reading the OP.

A couple of plot points (and I suppose I should spoiler these).

[spoiler] The reason the ship will soon become unliveable is that they are about to run out of fuel (apparently they’ve been running small generators all these years for power and have almost used up the ship’s supply). Chris Lee’s character has come up with a plan to harness geothermal power of some kind but a lot of the inhabitants don’t belive it will work.

They have problems with population control (hey, it’s not like there is anything else to do!) because of their very limited space and resources. It is believed that there is a plague on the ship but it turns out that the ship’s doctor has been killing people to keep the population in check (and to get rid of opposition to Lee’s leadership) and blaming it on the plague. Mark Harmon’s love interest on the ship is one of the victims. Turns out the doctor used to work at one of the Nazi concentration camps, performing “experiments”.

Some survivors go with Harmon and company to the surface. Others stay behind but the ship is destroyed. (IIRC someone rigged one of the boilers to explode.)[/spoiler]

Overall, I thought it was entertaining at the time but the plot probably doesn’t bear thinking too closely about.

We need a Michael Bay remake!

Just out of curiosity what makes a mustache a paedophile?

Is anyone in any danger of ever seeing this miniseries again?

Yep. It was on (I think) SciFi not too long ago. I attempted to watch it for a while but it was horrible, so I shot myself.

The main thing I remember is the “alternate society” of ship outcasts, living in outlying areas of the ship and stealing for food. A lot of them were all twisted up from the bends because they tried to swim to the surface.

Chris Lee still has to be the Captain!!!

Well, that’s the old Nature vs. Nurture debate in’nit, and outside the scope of my ridiculously inane OP. We can continue this discussion in GD though…