Help Identifying a TV Series

I was going through the thread started by Dio about well known TV Series of which you have never seen a single episode.

I was going through Little Nemo’s list and there was one show there called “V” which I thought I may have seen in the late 70’s or early 80’s. However after consulting the IMDB I am not convinced that is the series I am trying to recall.

The series I have vague memories of was sci fi and was centred on people attempting to live after some virus has wiped out a goodly proportion of the population.

I tend to think it was a UK production as I recall in one of the early episodes one old guy was saying that all they needed to do was “hold out and wait for the Yanks to help out- just like the war”

The few other memories I have are that the wife of the doctor was one of the first to die. Also, a few episodes down the track the teenage daughter of one of the surviving couples wanted to “be with” one of the young men who were virtually protecting the group as she felt safe with him.

Not very much to go on I know. As I said, I thought it was V, but I’m starting to think it may have been The Survivors.

It does sound like Survivors, yes.

Do you remember whether the opening titles included an asian scientist dropping a flask of milky-looking liquid in slow motion?

No, I’m afraid I can’t remember that. I really thought I saw it later than 1975 but I was living in rural Qld and shows could be delayed for several years.

Yep, Survivors (which was recently remade) is certainly the show you’re thinking of. In New Zealand it would’ve come out in 1978 or so, and replayed at least once in the early 80s, so I can believe it would’ve been similar for Australia.

Well, I just saw a few intros on You Tube for Survivors and it really didn’t look that familiar.

However, just to show how clever I can be on a Saturday night I just oredered a copy of the series from the ABC shop online. Bang goes $135 :frowning:

I don’t think it’s Survivors. Apart from the virus, the plot doesn’t match what I remember. No doctor whose wife dies. The main male protagonist was an engineer, who was unmarried before the virus. No couple with a teenage daughter. There weren’t any surviving families. Every survivor was the sole surviving member of their family. No young men protecting the group.

An alternative suggestion: *Noah’s Castle * 1977 series based on a novel by John Rowe Townsend. I read the novel years ago, but I only saw fragments of the series.
No virus, but a massive food shortage, hyperinflation, starvation, riots, and a family’s struggle to survive. I remember the teenage daughter runs away from the family to be with her boyfriend, and in the end the Americans come to save Britain with food supplies.

Peter Morris, thanks. I really don’t think it is Survivors but in a weeks time I may be able to confirm one way or thoe other.

Noahs Castle does not ring any bells: in the episode I remember the daughter didn’t run away from her family- the father accepted the daughter would be sleeping with this “hired gun” so she could be safe.

I am hoping that the series I bought is now worth the money :slight_smile:

It wouldn’t be Threads, would it? It doesn’t match the description too well, but it is the only other post-apocalyptic BBC production (Survivors being the first) from that time period I can think of.

Thanks MWAG, but I have a pretty good memory for trivia and that title doesn’t strike too many chords (Yeah, I know who won the Melbourne Cup in 1870 but can’t remember my wifes birthday).

What will really piss me off is if it isn’t Survivors and I have to keep searching.

There was The Changestoo. But that doesn’t meet the description.

Zombie thread.

Just to display how slack I am, I finally watched the first episode of Survivors last night and it is indeed the show I was trying to remember.

Hi Cicero

I remember watching sporadic episodes of the Survivors when it was first broadcast, before we had a VCR or boxsets had been invented.

How does it hold up, 40 years later?

Out of curiosity, can you tell me what list it was that I posted that you referred to in the OP?

$135 but 7 years, that’s only $20 a year. Bargain!

That’s how it works, right?

Well, I only saw the first episode but I thought it was pretty good. Obviously 70’s though.

Good heavens, you expect me to remember after all this time? After this time I’m lucky to remember what message board it was :slight_smile:

Little Nemo, I tried to search for the thread but I can’t get the search function to work.

Just to update and I watched the first episode (again) and the second episode tonight. I don’t think I could watch more than two episodes at once as it is a bit challenging with the breakdown of society and displaying the worst in people.

However the characters are interesting and very good production values.

A bit of a shock though- the two leading ladies who are real cuties - or were then are only 7 years older than me. One is the niece of Ian Fleming. Also those episodes were written by Terry Nation who created the Daleks for Dr. Who.

Thanks very much TOWP- my screen kept coming up blank on the search function. Yes, that would be the one. I still don’t remember it :slight_smile: