Shows you liked with unreleased episodes

Anybody have a show they liked that was cancelled before all the episodes were broadcast and isn’t available on DVD? (So Firefly is out, ok?). I think there should be a cable channel programmed exclusively with these abandoned episodes.


I’m not sure if they had anything in the can, but it was cancelled twice – once at the end of the first season, and again in the middle of the second.

Kidnapped from a couple years back on NBC. It starred Jeremy Sisto, Delroy Lindo, Dana Delaney, Tim Hutton – smart plot, good acting. NBC cancelled it after three episodes and released the rest on the website. It’s still the only time I’ve watched full episodes of TV on my computer. Not just watched, but sat at the PC Friday mornings at 9 a.m. waiting for the episode to come up.

It might be out on DVD but I’m so mad at NBC for cancelling it, I’m not even gonna look.

Also Raines with Jeff Goldblum. I don’t know if there were unreleased episodes though.

I was going to say Freaks and Geeks but they have released the other episodes.

Action. The show only aired eight episodes, but the DVD has all 13.

There was a show I liked a couple seasons ago called Eyes. (Tim Daly starred as the head of a high-tech security company.) According to IMDb, at least 12 episodes were made, but only 5 were shown (in the US, at least).

Wonderfalls. Extra irritating b/c in the unaired episodes, Jewel Staite had a recurring role, pre-Firefly.

…and they aired all of them later on Logo, a channel I don’t get for some annoying reason.

Jericho had only seven episodes ordered for the second season, with the possibility of extension of the series if the ratings were better. When Jericho was canceled the second time, all episodes ordered were filmed and aired, although the series finale had two endings shot, one which wrapped up the series, and the second being a cliffhanger leading into a possible third season. The only footage not aired would be the alternate ending of the final show.

Not really – I was interested in Masters of Science Fiction, in part because they were doing a Robert Sheckley story – “Watchbird”, but it was never broadcast. This series DID come out on DVD, but no rental places seem to have it, so I’ll have to buy it if I want to see it.
Dammit, it was a good Sheckley story. And it wasn’t another story about the US president starting a Nuclear WAr. Why couldn’t they have broadcast it?

There was that show last year whose name I can’t recall about the government group headed by a woman which was trying to track down some alien invaders who had landed in the ocean. About six or seven episodes were broadcast before it was cancelled, but I understand another three or four had been shot. Maybe they were added when and if it was released on video.

Post Firefly actually. Wonderfalls was the first thing she did after Firefly was canceled (with unaired episodes, natch) and I think the only reason she was free was because Firefly was no more.

Watchbird sucked but A Clean Escape, the one about the US President, was pretty good.

There was a criminal drama that got cut after only an episode or two in the past few years, they pulled off a museum job or something but killed a guard. It looked interesting but I never got to find out how good it was.

Oh, an My Big Fat Obnoxious Boss was killed before it’s time. I wanted to know who the real boss was.

I see you’re correct. I guess I was thinking about my chronological order of seeing her in stuff. I also see that they did release all of them on DVD, so…uh…hey look over there!

::self defenestrates::

They broadcast that one. Like most of the stories of the original run, they tried very hard to find interesting SF stories and then make them as dull as possible.

Not where I lived they didn’t. And we discussed this on this Board – so other people didn’t see it, either.
I gotta say I disagree with Amp about both episodes with the President starting nuclear war.

ll reser ve judgment on Watchbird until I see it.

Ah, I see – they broadcast the last two episodes four months later . No wonder I missed them.

I came here to say this, except the Jewel Staite bit as I have no idea of who she is.
(Nor do I care).

I only care b/c I think she’s gorgeous. See here. Or not - I don’t care. :slight_smile:

No, Invasion was another show entirely. *Invasion involved an invasion of a gulf coast state by aliens who took over humans in the same fashion as the pods in Body Snatches. It was one of three scie-fi shows last year based on the premise of an alien invastion, noe of which made it to a second year. Invasion was a good show, but it is not the one I am thinking of. The premise of the show I am thinking of is that a woman scientist had written a protocol of how we should deal with an alien invasion if it ever occurs and when it actually occurs she is hired to lead the small group of scientists who have to track down the aliens. I thought it was very good. I was heart-broken when it was cancelled.