Shows you liked with unreleased episodes

Ronald, could it be Surface or Threshold? Both of those shows premiered the same time as Invasion, which probably made SF fans crazy trying to decide which one to invest their time on.

Threshold? I never saw it, but I was intrigued by the premise, and have been wondering whether or not I should pick up the DVD set.

Threshold! That’s it. Thanks.

It is out on DVD, and it actually finishes out the story. Well worth watching. Also, My Own Worst Enemy, which has just started on NBC this season, is by the same producers and seems to be just as smart and well-acted.

Sorry for two posts in a row, but I missed this the first time around. This was called Smith, and CBS had a couple episodes shot that they never showed, but had on their website, and they also had a few episode descriptions of ones they didn’t shoot but apparently finished out the story. Unfortunately, I waited too long and it is gone from their website, and I never got to see the unbroadcasted ones, nor did I read the descriptions of the later ones. If anyone knows where I could see those, I would be grateful.

Also, there was a FOX show called Drive, I think, about a cross-country road race that seemed interesting, but it was cancelled quickly. My DVR said they had scheduled the two episodes they never showed a couple times that summer, but it was alway rescheduled at the last minute, and I never saw those. Again, if anyone knows where I could see those…

Drive only produced six episodes, four of which aired. The last two were made available online after their broadcast was pushed back and then cancelled, but they no longer seem available at Too bad, although the series’ story arcs were nowhere near complete at six episodes. I don’t know what kind of profitability criteria a potential DVD release needs to meet, but I wouldn’t be hopeful this one would. The Wiki article has a link to an interview with the creators talking about their once-future plans for the show.

So Drive is actually overqualified per the OP - not only were the unaired episodes not released to DVD, the series was never even finished in production.

Firefly, of course.

And Daybreak - a series about a cop who kept reliving the same day over and over. It was kind of silly that they didn’t just play the remainder of the episodes since they had already completed them all, or pretend it was a miniseries. It’s not like there was anything else on while we were waiting for Lost to come back.

Were any episodes of Viva Laughlin ever shown online? Only 2 were broadcast.

Yes…but it’s out on DVD, right? I thought this thead was about shows not on DVD that had unaired episodes.

Aside from Drive and Smith, none of the shows mentioned in this thread qualify if you folow the rules of the OP.

And if the complete series of stuff like The Black Donnelys is released, I think nearly everything that doesn’t get canned too early (like Drive) will eventually be released on DVD.

My wife liked a show called Reunion on Fox. I watched a bit of it here and there. They seemed to of had a few shows that were not aired at all and the killer wasn’t known though the wiki page says the producers said who it was.

I don’t know if Brimstone had any eps left in the can when it got (umm) canned by Fox, but you’d think so. Fox’s timing was especially egregrious because

In the last aired episode, the lady cop (Ash) that Zach had befriended was actually revealed to be the ringleader of the escapees from Hell, and even the Devil himself warns Zach about her powers and wiles.

I swear I want to bitchslap Fox execs sometimes…

Post #14. I already threw myself out a window - what else do you want? :slight_smile:

Yes! And, goddamnit, it was a really good frigging show! Leaving out Hugh Lauire in House and Chi McBride in Pushing Daisies, it also had the best casting calls ever frigging made. Taye Diggs is a brilliant actor, Adam Baldwin actually got to do a bit of fricking real drama, Moon Bloodgood is gorgeous as well as emotionally evocative and it bloody well was the only well-written time-jumping show I’ve seen.

Gods damnit! I’m still pissed at ABC for pulling it. Only half the episodes were ever aired - gratefully, the rest were put on ABCs web-site and thoroughly pirated from there. For once, I’ve felt good about pirating, since this never even saw DVD release.

Unfortunately, The Ex-List is the newest network casualty, with only 4 episodes (I think) shown and at least 6 more having been produced. Dang, I was really digging it, too. I really hate Les Moonves (OK, he’s just a convenient scapegoat, but still)…

Live Action The Tick supposedly had 3 extra episodes, but I couldn’t find it on DVD. It was a HILARIOUS show, too bad it got canceled early.

I saw some anti-ABC sentiment a few posts up, and I have to agree. There was a sitcom my senior year called “It’s Like, You Know” about a writer who writes about L.A. but hates it. It tried to create a Seinfeld for the west coast, for which it was mercilessly ridiculed, then cancelled half a season into its run. There are episodes that were never released, and I have never seen even so much as a peep about DVDs.

I still hold a grudge against ABC for canceling it right when I was getting into it, and that was almost a decade ago.

The Tick (Amazon).

Sometimes a thread goes beyond what an OP intended, and as long as it isn’t a complete hijack, that often can be a good thing.

Did she play Heidi-Ho?